Dec 19, 2012  •  In Aerin, Baby, Claire, Cute, Motherhood, Personal

Watching Little Minds Learn

Watching little minds learn is fascinating. Even when you try your best to stay impartial and unprejudiced, you can’t help but notice the vast differences between each and every person. Take Aerin, for instance. Now that she has officially conquered infancy and is starting to really soak in, process, react, and regurgitate what she learns, we have […]

Dec 13, 2012  •  In Baby, Funny, Parenting, Personal

Christmas Tree Decorating Guidelines

What’s that you say? There are only a dozen days left before Christmas and we have yet to put up our tree? Please. That’s nothing to this family of procrastinators. And just in case there are others out there in the same boat — Bueller? Hello? I know we can’t be the only ones! — who may […]

Nov 30, 2012  •  In Aerin, Baby

Aerin’s Eczema Treatments (Part Deux)

Aerin was only 4 months old when I first wrote about her eczema. We had been hoping that she would grow out of the condition by 6 months old, or even 1 year old, but that has not been the case. However, we have tried new products and changed her skin routine somewhat, so I wanted […]

Nov 24, 2012  •  In Aerin, Baby, Motherhood, Parenting, Personal

The Baby of the Family

Ever since Aerin got sick last week, she has been super SUPER clingy to me. Before her illness, she was a pretty independent little girl. Now she needs to be held all the time — only by me, no less, and starts screaming her head off if she can’t see me. Even her two favorite […]