Jun 13, 2012  •  In Aerin, Claire, Depression, Motherhood, Personal

Depression and Motherhood

The thing about depression is that nobody can really understand how you feel unless they have been through it themselves. And even then, their experiences could be completely different from yours. When I first wrote of my current struggle with depression, I got the feeling that a few commenters believed the condition to have suddenly […]

May 3, 2012  •  In Depression, Personal

At a Crossroads

My “big announcement” isn’t so much of an announcement as it is an update for those who read this and genuinely care about what has been going on in my life and what caused, and will continue to contribute to my absence from this blog. My depression has returned. I am back on therapy and […]

Dec 8, 2010  •  In Depression, Motherhood, Personal

I Do Not Have PPD

In response to my last post, many people have suggested that I go see a doctor and be screened for PPD (post partum depression). And reading each one of those comments made me angry. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the reason. They are just trying to be supportive — why the hate? Did my anger stem […]

Mar 31, 2009  •  In Comang, Depression, Personal

Not Alone

Sometimes the worst thing you can do for a person suffering from depression is to leave him or her alone. I am well aware of this fact. However, as a natural introvert I shy away from company and gravitate toward the comforts of solitude. Where I can be alone with my thoughts of despair and […]

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The last time I sought help for my depression, I went through a slew of psychologists and psychiatrists. Having grown up in the church, I even visited a few Christian therapists. The one I ended up choosing was not Christian; rather, she was a prim and proper Jewish woman with a smooth, articulate voice that […]

Apr 15, 2008  •  In Depression, Personal


Back in college I went through a dark period of constant despair, suicidal thoughts, and even self-mutilation. A good friend urged me to seek treatment, and I reluctantly did. I was diagnosed with major depression, took a medical leave of absence from school, and was treated with psychotherapy and medications for the next few years. So when […]