Aug 25, 2011  •  In Apple, Art/Design, Geek, Science

The Golden Ratio of Apple

I have no idea if the designer(s) of Apple’s famed logo had this in mind when at the drawing board, but considering Apple’s attention to detail, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was meticulously planned out. 🙂 Via I Love Charts. You may also like: How Do Computers Render Curves? [Video] Periodic Elements of Star […]

Aug 19, 2011  •  In Personal, Scary, Science

True or False?

I once read in a book that all humans are born with three innate fears: The fear of darkness The fear of heights/falling The fear of reptiles Now, this was a fiction title so I cannot verify the validity of the statement. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Because while […]

Aug 2, 2011  •  In Geek, Information, Science

The Knight’s Tour [Animated GIF]

Today I learned that on a chessboard, a knight can visit each square exactly once. Here’s how: The animation is actually one way of solving the Knight’s Tour, which is a mathematical problem that is commonly given in computer science courses. (However, I don’t recall ever giving this problem in my Intro to Java class.) […]

Aug 1, 2011  •  In Blogging, Entertainment, Geek, Personal, Science

My Favorite Week of the Summer

…is Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. I don’t particularly like the ocean, nor am I a very good swimmer. In fact, I have a ridiculous fear of most fish (yes, even goldfish!). But these majestic creatures have always fascinated me. I remember taking out tons of books on sharks from the library when I was a little […]

Jul 20, 2011  •  In Personal, Science, Travel

How to Instantly Cool Down a Car

Here in the NYC area, we are currently experiencing what may become the hottest week of the year.  🙁  Summer has always been my least favorite season because I loathe the heat, humidity, and yes, even the longer days. As anyone who has traveled in a vehicle during the peak of summer can attest, one of […]

Jul 18, 2011  •  In Geek, Information, Science

Visual Proof of Pi

As someone who sucks at math and much prefers the visual method of learning, I can’t help but proclaim to everyone else who are as mathematically challenged that this animated GIF makes it sooooo much easier to understand pi! Reminds me of the Visual Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. Via I Love Charts. You may also […]

May 12, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Geek, Home, Infographics, Science

The Science of Toilet Paper Orientation

The good people of Engineering Degree have tackled one of the most pressing issues of our time: should toilet paper hang over or under? Check out the infographic below for a scientific approach to toilet paper orientation. For instance, did you know that how you prefer your toilet paper may determine your personality? And that […]

Apr 26, 2011  •  In Aerin, Baby, Claire, Personal, Pregnancy, Science

The Gender Guessing Game

It is no secret that I would prefer BebeDeux to be a boy. If so we’d have one of each and we’d be done! Be that as it may, I wouldn’t be upset if BebeDeux turns out to be a girl. After all, dontcha know that two girls are the best? 😉 We were excited […]

Apr 26, 2011  •  In Education, Funny, Parenting, Personal, Science

A Chemistry Kit with No Chemicals

Last night, The Daily What featured a children’s chemistry set called Chemistry 60 which boasts “60 fun activities with no chemicals.” Sadly enough, I was not surprised. You already know my thoughts on this matter. It’s actually a pretty clever marketing technique when you think about it. Because most children’s chemistry kits available to consumers today are quite […]