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Danny and Annie

My sister sent me this video along with a note that read, “I know you’re already hormonal, but this is guaranteed to make anyone cry…”

And you know what? I totally bawled like a baby watching this video. It reminds me of the first ten minutes of Up, except this is a true-life story as told to by an actual couple. So take 6 minutes out of your life and watch. And be prepared to be moved. (You might also want to have tissues handy.)

I can only wish that J and I will share this kind of love and sweetness 25 years down the road.

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4 Responses to “Danny and Annie”

  1. Jamie says:

    In December of this year my husband and I will be married 27 years. (Hopefully, we look a little younger than the animated version of Annie and Dannie). You can have this kind of love and sweetness which comes from choosing everyday to show love. Love notes are great but I am sure along with that Danny and Annie had to choose to be loving toward one another in other ways. Such as: not always having to win the argument – so what would happen if you did it his way, making allowances for each others imperfections- and we all have them, speaking to each other the way you speak to strangers and co-workers . One last thing I believe that has worked for us in maintaining this kind of love and sweetness is never allowing our sex life to wane . About 5 years into our marriage I simply decided to never say no. This took a great deal of stress out of our marriage but also added a great deal of intimacy . So, yes a marriage can share this kind of love and sweetness over the long haul, but not by luck or magic but by choosing each day to love that person and be in love with that person.
    Thanks for sharing this video – what a great testimony to marriage in a day when it is seen as unnecessary and outdated.

  2. Amy says:

    I saw this too, and just thought in my head, OMG I hope I can know this kind of love years down the road. So so sad.

  3. Charmi says:

    i saw this on cup of jo the other day and bawled my eyes out too. so beautiful and sweet – i also hope we have a love story like this.

  4. BB says:

    I'm usually not a crier, but the "I walked in with you, I'll walk out with you" just kicked me in the heart and has me wiping back tears. What a beautiful love story. I hope my husband and I are that head over heels for each other when we're growing old together.

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