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Fix Apple’s Boo-Boo with a Band-Aid

The Antenn-aid. As its website claims, “Apple made a boo-boo. Make it all better.”

Simply place this miniature miracle over the lower left corner of your iPhone’s sensitive area to improve signal performance. And while the seller goes through great lengths to ensure that buyers understand the Antenna-aid is for entertainment purposes only, chances are, the solution will work at least as well as tape or another type of protective covering.

Who needs Apple’s free case when you can apply an Antenn-Aid?

I do not have an iPhone 4, but if I did I would certainly cough up $4.99 for a six-pack of these beauties. Because…well, they’re cute.

Go grab your own at Etsy.

Via Mashable.

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One Response to “Fix Apple’s Boo-Boo with a Band-Aid”

  1. Charmi says:

    how cute! i just switched over the the iphone so maybe I will buy some of these.

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