Oct 9, 2008  •  In NYC, Personal

Good News & Bad News

I have good news and bad news.

Which do you want first?

Well, you have no choice because I’m writing. Ha!

The Good News:

Remember when I wrote of the “Lincoln Lunatic”? Well, he has been caught!

The Bad News:

I’m sorry to say that I missed the full-sized missile replica with the words “Viva Viagra” emblazoned on its side driving through Manhattan last month.

(image via the New York Post)

Apparently, Pfizer sued Jet Angel for the stunt and courts today ruled in favor of Pfizer.

Wait for the bad news.


According to testimony, officials at the Lincoln Tunnel never checked to see if the missile was real or not.

Police at the Midtown Tunnel only laughed at the stunt.

They stop all traffic for 2+ hours for a couple of bottles, but never check to see if a realistic, life-sized missile is real or fake?

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