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How to Be Awesome on Twitter [Slideshow]

Ed. note: My heart goes out to everyone affected by the devastating earthquake in Japan. I hope that anyone reading this has all friends and family members safe and accounted for, and I will continue to keep the nation of Japan in my prayers.

I confess that I have not been as active on Twitter lately because goshdarnit, there’s only so much social media you can participate in without feeling overwhelmed.

With that being said, I still am dumbfounded when acquaintances do not know what Twitter is, or claim that they do not “get” it.

So for those people, I present an adorably informative slideshow I discovered today. Created by @princess_misia, it is designed to help those who feel overwhelmed and confused by the 140-character information network. Enjoy, and please feel free to pass it along!

Via Bit Rebels.

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