Jun 11, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

Good afternoon, world! The heatwave has passed and it’s a gorgeous day here in NY!

The weather finally came to a showdown last night with spectacular thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 70mph. There was a moment when our electricity died for a split second…during game 3 of the NBA Finals! It took a few minutes for our receiver to restart and I nearly had a
nervous breakdown waiting for the television to come back on. Enough rambling. Here are my favorite stories of the past week:

  1. First Look: Human Egg Emerging from Ovary, Popgadget. Wow! I, like the writer, always thought the egg bursts out of the ovary. Instead, it OOZES from a protrusion that grows during ovulation. Disgusting, but so fascinating at the same time.
  2. Apple Introduces iPhone 3G Videoconferencing Kit, ZOMG! Gizmodo. Here’s a great parody ad for those who are still lamenting the lack of a front camera on the new iPhone.
  3. iPhone SDK Agreement Forbids Real-Time Route Guidance, Dancing, Rock’n’Roll, Engadget GPS without real-time route guidance? What will happen to the TomTom iPhone application?
  4. When Dogs and Robots Collide, Somebody Needs a Talking To, WSJ. I’ve written about how much I love my Roomba. I’m also an avid animal lover and I plan on getting a dog as soon as our schedule becomes less hectic. This article is pretty hilarious and is a must-read for any technology-savvy
    pet owners.
  5. 9 Reasons Why Trains are Better Than Planes, Consumerist. I’ve been saying this ever since I took my first train trip more than a decade ago. I may not be able to afford some of the better accommodations, but yes, trains really are a lot more comfortable and less of a hassle than planes. (Planes also fail to offer hot dog and beer combos, like trains.)
  6. Take a Stroll Down Computing Memory Lane, Neatorama. This made me smile, giggle, and reminisce. I had almost forgotten about Prodigy! And I love how they included CompUSA on the list…classic!
  7. For English Studies, Koreans Say Goodbye to Dad, NYTimes. My parents know a lot of families in this situation. In fact, my uncle’s family was like this…my aunt lived in Toronto with their two kids until they both entered college. But New Zealand? I didn’t know there were even Asians in the land of Hobbits!
  8. The Free Money Experiment: Most People Decline Free Money! Neatorama. A thought-provoking experiment. Anyone in sales, advertising, or marketing should read this…it really makes you question how the human psyche works.
  9. Orphaned Baby Polar Bear “Talks” to His Zookeeper, Jezebel. This video is adorable. I love when Animal Planet features baby animals! It really does seem like the bear is talking. Oh great, now I want a baby polar bear.
  10. Get Your Seat off the Met Steps, Gothamist. Noooooo! Sitting on the Met steps while having street vendor food is a classic NYC experience that can’t be missed! How many times have I sat there, people watching, sketching, writing, or eating? I saw Pierce Brosnan filming The Thomas Crown Affair while sitting on those steps. J and I shot our engagement pictures at the Met, and we ran into a shooting of Gossip Girl (yes, the picture in this article is from that day). How will I and the rest of NY survive for a full year without these steps?

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