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Interactive World Cup Schedule

This one’s for my husband, who will undoubtedly turn me into a World Cup Widow for the next month…

Marca has a nifty (and beautifully-designed) interactive World Cup schedule so that you can be sure to never miss a match.

Mouseover a date, a team, a group/stage, or cities/stadiums to get the details you need.

Via FlowingData.

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3 Responses to “Interactive World Cup Schedule”

  1. Geek in Heels says:

    @girlonthepark — No, but that’s pretty awesome! It reminds me of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, how precise the Chinese performers were, and how we were all convinced that China’s gonna take over the world. Haha!

    I dunno if you could tell, but the soccer match in the video was between two HIGH SCHOOLS. Yeah, Koreans are hardcore about soccer like that.

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