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Jenny vs. Destiny

Is this a deep, thought-provoking, “where is my life going” entry? No. Destiny is a person’s name. Keep reading – it gets interesting.

Ever since I switched my cell phone number two months ago, I’ve been receiving numerous calls for someone named Destiny. I had just figured that my new number must be a recycled number, and that the calls will eventually stop.

But they never stopped. Sometimes I would receive up to 5 calls a day asking for Destiny. Several times these calls came in the middle of the night. And they were all from men.

I should have suspected something. But I never would’ve guessed… And then, a call came today:

ring, ring…




So can you come to Brooklyn or should I meet you somewhere?

Who is this?

Is this Destiny? I got your number from the internet.

No, this is not Destiny. You have the wrong number.


Alrighty then. He got my number off the internet? I’ve gotta get to the bottom of this…

I googled my own cell phone number. Guess what was the first hit. THIS (warning: NSFW!). A site for Destiny Love, a New York escort. And that wasn’t the only one. Destiny Love, along with my cell phone number, are listed on numerous escort service sites.

As a friend said when I told her the story, this is the type of thing that would only happen to me. Geez, thanks.

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