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Most Common Restaurants by Zip Code [NYC]

I have never heard of Very Small Array before, but after browsing through just a few pages I immediately added it to my Google Reader. Chock-full of interesting charts, graphs, maps, and illustrations, the blog is right up my alley.

Currently, it is running a series of NYC maps that display the most common type of restaurants by zip code based on The Village Voice Restaurant Guide.

As much as I love Manhattan, it is clearly evident that the outer boroughs have much more diversity, with the restaurants to prove it!

Via Laughing Squid.

P.S. — People are always asking me what the best Korean restaurants in Manhattan are. My answer to them: there aren’t any. All the Korean restaurants, including the ones in Korea Town (and perhaps especially the ones in Korea Town), are too “Americanized” for my tastes. To find the best, authentic Korean restaurants, you must venture out to Queens or even…gasp…New Jersey!

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3 Responses to “Most Common Restaurants by Zip Code [NYC]”

  1. Sunny says:

    Agreed on the Korean food.

  2. J3y 1n says:

    Hi Geek in Heels,
    On your subject of authentic Korean cooking, how about the restaurants New Rochelle and Yonkers?
    Would appreciate any(if any) experience you have with those areas.

    Thank you,

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