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NJ Transit Needs to Step Up with More Buses

Dear NJ Transit,

The faltering economy and high gas prices have driven a record number of commuters to the public transportation system. Each week I see the evidence of this as your buses become more and more crowded.

In the past weeks, however, I have become increasingly frustrated as bus ridership has skyrocketed. Buses zoom by my stop filled to capacity. Those of us waiting at the stops are forced to watch and feel powerless.

Take this morning, for instance. I walked back and forth between three stops over a period of 40 minutes. Over 20 buses passed at this time, each full and thus refusing to stop. The crowds reached 20-30 people per stop, growing increasingly agitated and some even shouting curses at the passing buses. In the end, I was forced to cough up an additional $2.50 (rendering my monthly pass useless) for a gypsy bus, which aren’t always licensed or safe…sometimes even illegal.

I realize that the price of diesel fuel has increased in the past year. However, the increased number of riders and the increased budget must offset that cost.

So please, PLEASE add more buses to the northern NJ/Hudson county lines.

Thank you,

A Disgruntled NJ Transit Rider

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