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Hi, my name is Jenny and I don’t like Victoria’s Secret. I think their bras and underwear are overpriced, ill-fitting, and over-hyped. I can see how the American public can be drawn to Vicky’s by their mass advertising and their gorgeous models. I mean, c’mon – how many guys do you know who don’t stop whatever they’re doing and absently stare, drooling at the screen whenever a Victoria’s Secret commercial comes on TV? Heck, I would probably jump on Adriana Lima if I ever saw her in person. But their products? Not so good.

To all men who are reading this – bra shopping is not fun. I’m sure you all have wild fantasies about girls trying on bras together in tubs of KY Jelly, but in reality it’s almost as bad as swimsuit shopping. Not only are you in a constant rush to change as quickly as possible (because who wants to be caught topless by a stranger when they opens the door without knocking?), but it’s almost impossible to get a good idea of how something fits when everything has those damn sensor tags on them. Then there are the unflattering lights that magnify every little imperfection on your body while pictures of size-0 models blaze down at you.

To add to the insult, I’m not sure if my boobs are just shaped weird or what. But I’ve always had trouble finding seamless bras. By that, I mean bras that don’t show through thin shirts.

There are two areas in particular that bother me like no other: the top of the cups, and the sides. Ladies, you all know what I’m talking about when I write about the bra bulge. Like when women wear bras that are too small for them and their fat hangs over the bra straps in the back. Eww. This is such a pet peeve of mine that I sometimes wear bras that are larger than my actual size to avoid this.

The lines formed by the top of the cups can easily be eliminated by wearing unpadded bras. I don’t need any help in the chest department so I want to wear unpadded bras. However, there is a big problem with unpadded/unlined bras:

(Although this picture of Jessica Alba is pretty hot,
you can’t help but think to yourself that she must be a tad chilly.)

I’ve been searching for the perfect bra since I donned my first trainer bra at the age of 11. A slightly lined/padded, comfortable, SEAMLESS bra. This mission becomes even more impossible when seeking strapless bras. *Sigh* I wish I were born a guy.

I had been dreading going bra-shopping for some time now, but I really need some new bras. Seriously. Like, the elastic on some of my bras aren’t stretchy anymore. And some of them have little holes. (Don’t you wish you were my boyfriend?)

But there is some hope. I discovered that Frederick’s of Hollywood was having a huge sale. Alas, I will continue on my quest by trying this line. In addition, they carry the NuBra:

I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. And it’s on sale for $49.99!

While my order takes its time getting here, does anyone have any suggestions for seamless bras? Any help would be appreciated.

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