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The Horcrux Pie Chart

Courtesy of my new favorite Tumblr blog, I Love Charts.


…I’m ashamed to admit that the first time I saw this, I wondered to myself why the chart wasn’t divided into seven equal wedges.

P.S. — After another month+ of teething, Claire finally cut her third and fourth teeth today! I had given her some apple slices to munch on and noticed some blood on the apple. Of course, I freaked out and examined her entire body to make sure she wasn’t hurt. When I couldn’t find any cuts, I checked her mouth to discover her top two teeth poking out. (It seems that the apple helped break the skin over the teeth, or it aggravated the already-sensitive skin around the new teeth.) Since her first four teeth came out in pairs, should I assume that she will continue teething in groups?

Girlfriend still refuses to let me get a picture of her teeth. Here’s what she looks like now:

(image source)

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12 Responses to “The Horcrux Pie Chart”

  1. Di says:

    This may be too much thought into Harry Potter, but I don’t remember anywhere in the books saying the soul is ripped in half, just in two. So who’s to say how much soul is in each Horcrux? Also my husband saw the chart and said his thought was that, as a supernatural object, the soul is amorphous. Thus as more Horcruxes are added the soul sort of evens itself out among the various vessels so as to always keep a roughly equal distribution.

    • If you click on over the link, it says that the chart is a corrected version of another (which you can see here) and that one states, “assuming that every time he made a horcrux his soul was split precisely in half.” I guess they forgot to include that in the updated chart?

  2. wen says:

    it’ll come out in pairs, and always with the lowers first

    • I personally know two babies whose first tooth were on the top, and most of the other babies I know seem to get their teeth one by one. 🙂 Also, two babies who were born with teeth!

  3. Ruth says:

    i was confused about the size of the pie chart, too! *Sigh* i am a horrible potter fan…

  4. Liesal says:

    Shouldn’t Harry/Tom be the smallest parts? I haven’t read DH for a while (getting there before the movie!) but I thought that Harry was the last thing that Tom did.

    • Nope, Nagini was the last Horcrux that Voldemort made, with the killing of Bertha Jorkins in the Albanian forests. Harry inadvertently became a Horcrux when Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby. 🙂

      • Liesal says:

        Oh yah! I’m reading all the books in the series again before the last movie comes out because I obviously need the refresher. 🙂

  5. Jessica says:

    That rodent photo made me actually LOL! We’re going through the exact same thing. The bottom two teeth are in, the top two – ugh I can SEE them through her gums but they’ve just been hanging out there, bothering her like crazy, for weeks now. It’s so frustrating, and I can tell my little one is sick of it too. I’ve heard of a lot of babies that cut all top four (so teeth #3-6) at about the same time, so I’m hoping we can get four teeth out of this latest batch of misery. Hope Claire is a little happier now!

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