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The iPhone 4 (And What Phone Should I Buy My Husband?)

Today, El Steve-O donned his customary black turtleneck and jeans and wowed Apple fanboys worldwide as he introduced the iPhone 4 at the WWDC 2010.

I personally like the new hardware design — the more angled shape, the stainless steel band, and front-mounted camera — and think the white version in particular looks pretty damn sexy. Furthermore, the “Retina Display” looks mighty tempting…

However, I refuse to switch over to the iPhone until AT&T loses its current monopoly (at least in the U.S.) on the world’s most popular smartphone. I have had AT&T in the past and hated it; the 30% dropped call rate in NYC doesn’t help matters much either.

Besides, J and I are an Android couple.

Will YOU be getting the iPhone 4?

A few weeks ago, J actually asked, “Would you divorce me if I decide to get the new iPhone?”

I let out a big chuckle and replied that of course I wouldn’t divorce him — I might call him a sellout for a week or two, but I understand that my husband is a techie and if the iPhone suits his wants and needs, by all means, go for it.

“Hmm…I guess I’ll wait for WWDC and see what it has to offer.”

And you know what? After watching today’s keynote and reading up on all the iPhone 4 specs, he now says he does not want the iPhone 4. He still prefers Android to the iPhone OS (or the iOS, as Apple has just announced).

J has been working like a dog in the past few months due to a new product launch at his company. He even had to put out a few fires while on our babymoon, and has been working until 2-4am almost every night.

Thankfully, this week is THE launch week and so will be his last one working as a programming monkey slave for quite some time. And while he likes his job, I know that he only works this hard to support our growing family. All while I sit on my ass all day preparing to be a SAHM-slash-freelancer.

So I decided to sell some of my stuff to buy him a new phone (he really needs a new phone)…

…the only problem is, I can’t decide which phone.

And J is no help either, because he’s so damn picky and says I should just keep the money for myself. Aish! I WANT to buy him a new phone!

Are there any other Android fans out there?
Which phones would you recommend for my husband?

As for anyone who is interested in the iPhone 4 but can stand to wait a few months, I would advise you to wait. Because if the rumors swirling the interwebs are true, there’s something coming within the next 6 months that has AT&T worried. Worried enough to offer a very generous iPhone upgrade option for existing customers, so that they can lock them in for another 2-year contract.

Will AT&T’s exclusive hold on the iPhone finally come to an end within the next six months?

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17 Responses to “The iPhone 4 (And What Phone Should I Buy My Husband?)”

  1. Hubby says:

    There’s nothing I want out there…..actually I take that back, I want a GSM Evo 4G that runs Android 2.2, and not the Sense UI crap. Find me that!

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    Hey! There is no GSM Evo 4G! Why do you have to be so difficult…sigh.

  3. Lisa says:

    I certainly hope that the iphone will come to verizon sometime soon. I would get it for sure if it did!

  4. Over the last two years I have used my iPhone less and less to make calls, and more to check emails and text. Even with the headaches I’ve encountered with AT&T, I still have no regrets about getting the phone. And if some other carrier gets the phone in the near future… GREAT! People will leave AT&T and their networks won’t be so overloaded. I’m pre-ordering the iPhone 4 next week, I don’t think I could ever use another phone now- I love it! 🙂 Just my opinion though!

  5. Jan says:

    I am with Jessica. Once you use the iPhone, there is no going back to any other phone. I checked out some Android phones in Best Buy, but somehow they feel less intuitive than the iPhone (according to me) I love my phone and I feel lost without my iPhone sometimes. My husband has promised the iPhone 4 for my birthday in a few months. 🙂

  6. Vee says:

    I would love to try the iPhone, but there is no way I’m switching to AT&T. My best friend has it, and I kid you not – EVERY single time we talk on the phone, the call gets dropped AT LEAST once. I know it’s not my phone, because it doesn’t happen to me with anyone else. Verizon4Life. (LOL) But I’m so not a techie, I guess I should give that caveat – I still have the enV2. Hahahaha!

  7. Geek in Heels says:

    @Jessica & @Jan — I think it really depends on your preferences and what you get used to, because the iPhone seems less intuitive to me! And I’m pretty sure that the allure of Android over the iPhone for people like me and my husband is that the Android is completely customizable and can be hacked every which way possible (ie, I installed an underground hack that allows tethering, so if I’m ever without wireless and I need to use my laptop, I can just use my phone). But I can DEFINITELY see how people can grow to love their iPhones because it really has revolutionized the smartphone market.

    One more big con for me is that I NEED a physical keyboard. 🙁 I dunno what it is, but I just hate touchscreen keyboards. So if Apple ever decides to create an iPhone with a physical keyboard as an option, I would definitely switch!

    @Vee — Verizon4Life for me too! I’ve tried EVERY major carrier in the US and I can honestly say that Verizon is the best (at least for my needs and my area). When I compare data speeds with my friends’ iPhones, my Moto Droid blows them out of the water. However, that probably has to do a lot with the fact that I live in an area that is congested with so many iPhones that AT&T continually has trouble keeping up.

  8. Opiboble says:

    I have a HTC Hero (Android) and I like it leaps and bounds more then the iPhone I had before. The service with the iPhone though AT&T sucks, I couldnt make it through a day without dropping 15 or so times. On top of that I would miss calls because the phone would never ring, and on top of it not notify me that I had voice mail! Now I dont know if it was AT&T or the iPhone but I wont go back that is for sure.

    Anyway I do love my Hero, and I am on a local carrier (I live in AK now) and the service is great. I love the fact that as a techie I can program my own apps for the phone and not have to deal with apple pulling them on a whim due to what ever new rule I happen to break.

    The few downsides of the Android apps is there are so many that are not quite complete so can be very buggy, with the iPhone you know that it will meet some standards. BUT with Apple they can pull some of the better apps that you want because they do something the phone already does, which is just dumb.

    I would personally suggest an Android phone, and out of all the models the Nexus One, due to the fact that it is Google’s phone and will always be kept up to date with the latest OS (2.2 currently — it has FLASH 😀 )

    Well that is my 6 cents

  9. Geek in Heels says:

    @Opiboble — Thanks for the suggestion! I too, think that the Nexus One will be the best fit for my husband but he says that too many people he knows has it (he used to work at Google so all his former coworkers, with whom he is still friendly, have the phone) and he wants to be unique. So difficult!

  10. stacey says:

    don’t get the blackberry storm. ick. we desperately want iphones, because we love our ipod touches, but we won’t leave verizon… so in october we switched to blackberry storms cause they were free! and who doesn’t like free!

    should have taken the "free" as a sign of how much trouble they’d give us. for the first two weeks, we had to pull the battery multiple times a day. the operating system finally calmed down, not so many infinite hourglasses and white screens of death, and we only had to pull once a week or so.

    then, last week, my husband’s crashed. some java error in the OS. took me four hours to finally reinstall the OS, because when it’s caught in this error, you have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting the phone to your computer, in hopes that you’ll get lucky and can stop it from looping.

    now, of course, he’s lost all his settings and apps, because you can’t back those up – you can only back up contacts/emails/etc. also, there’s only enough memory for 10-12 apps – even though i have 8 GB of memory, that is reserved solely for music, so i can’t use it for apps.

    that was my rant for the day… yes, i really hope the iphone comes to verizon soon. i’ve also been tempted by the droid – overall how do you like it?

  11. Opiboble says:

    @Geek in Heels — I have friends like that, I get why but I always find it kinda childish. Tell him he should modify the casing so it will look different at least (like paint it or something)

    @Stacey – I have to say I like the Android OS and my HTC Hero. The only thing I have noticed that could be an OS thing is that after 4 days or so it needs to be restarted (this could be a problem with the phone though, and I am running 1.5) or it gets very buggy. I think this is due to the RAM filling up on the device, and I have heard it is a problem with v1.5 and HTC hasn’t release the newer version for the Hero. I wish the carriers in Alaska would allow the Nexus One so I could use it instead.

  12. Desarae says:

    I love the Droid Incredible… boyfriend has the Moto Droid and is wanting me to take his phone and steal mine. Maybe look into it?

  13. I see that your hubby has already picked a phone, yay! I was just going to say that I have the HTC Hero, which I love. BUT Sprint seems to take forever to release updates — I don’t even have 2.1 yet.

    Personally, I have played with the iPhone, and it does seem like some apps that I would really like are iPhone only (so far?), but I still prefer Android. It’s intuitive, open, and fits my needs. (Ok, *wants*.) 🙂

  14. BB says:

    I’m a Verizon faithful, so I snapped up a Motorola Droid as soon as I could. LOVE it. The iphone is just too popular for my taste, and I refuse to switch to stupid AT&T. I’m not familiar with the Milestone (well, obviously, it’s an import), but it looks impressive! I think there’s supposed to be a Droid2 coming out sometime, but who knows when that will happen.

  15. Turtle says:

    hmm do you mind telling us what rumors are swirling around the internet? i’m leaning towards the iphone but would like to get as much info as possible.

  16. Geek in Heels says:

    @Turtle — From what I’ve read, another carrier will starting carrying the iPhone starting November. And since there are reports that Apple recently ordered a large number of CDMA iPhones, the new carrier is most likely Verizon.

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