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The OCD Nut vs. Mini-Godzilla

Claire has a careful, meticulous personality that borders on being OCD. When she notices a speck of dirt anywhere, she will point it out to me. When there is a wet spot on the floor, she will wipe it up. And just recently, she has started to come to me with her teeny weeny hangnails, asking to have them clipped off.

Even when she plays, she is organizing and arranging just so. Her methods do not always make sense to us, but they do in her head and she tends to FREAK OUT if her format is disturbed.

An example of Claire’s OCD nature.

Aerin, by contrast, is a destroyer. We have nicknamed her “Mini-Godzilla” because she is all about wrecking, demolishing, and deconstructing. When she sees a stack of blocks, she will knock it over. When she comes across a LEGO creation, she will take it apart piece by piece. In fact, the first thing she does every morning is to make a beeline for the stacking cups and pull them out one by one.

You know that scene in Lilo & Stitch where Stitch destroys the reproduction of San Francisco? Yeah. She’s just like that. Except she doesn’t do any of the building portion. (Perhaps she will build, then destroy, when she gets older?)

So it’s plain to see that my daughters would frequently run into conflicts. Or in this case, Aerin regularly upsets Claire by ruining all her handiwork. And if I am not able to prevent Claire from throwing a tantrum, her hysterics will drive Aerin into tears as well.

…And this is one of the reasons I have not been blogging as much.

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4 Responses to “The OCD Nut vs. Mini-Godzilla”

  1. Arti K. says:

    We all miss you blogging! But of course family first 🙂
    My sister and I were just like that- I was the mini godzilla 😛 and now in our adulthood, we’ve switched, and I’m the neat one haha

  2. Annie says:

    awww!!!! *HUGS* Miss your blog posts but do what you got to do with the girls. Best of luck that they both get along and maybe build and destroy things together. 🙂

  3. SUPER CUTE. I was so amused when I read this post…

    Because when I was little, I was just like Aerin. I destroyed EVERYTHING in my path. My brother would build lego towers and I’d knock them down which would make him cry. And my Mom would be in the kitchen, hear him cry, peak to check on us, just fast enough to see me run away in my dress and diaper and hear me slam my door. Of course, she’s soothe him, he’d build again, and I’d knock it over again. It was a cycle. I was a lil godzilla at age 3. XD

    Now that I’m older, I’m like Claire with very specific OCD-like tendencies that my friends have nicknamed me Monica Gellar. 😀

  4. Revanche says:

    Aww girls. You have my sympathies, I’ve watched this sort of dynamic and it’s hard for both kids to understand why the other one always seems to be fighting them. Not to mention their parents slowly going insane trying to run buffer. My thoughts are with you all.

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