Jun 15, 2010  •  In Geek, Sports, Toys

The USA vs England World Cup Match…in Legos

As the USA vs England match aired this past Saturday afternoon, we had a dozen rowdy guys — evenly rooting for either team — screaming their heads off and creating all sorts of drunken debauchery in our living room.

I’m surprised none of our neighbors complained about the noise. Even the baby in my stomach jumped like a jelly bean every time a particular play roused our little crowd to shouting oblivion.

For those who missed the game, fear not, for the good people at The Guardian have created a highlight reel…out of Lego figures!


Via Up Next in Sports.

ETA: It turns out that the actual creators of the video are Lego Fussball who have re-created various soccer matches (dating back to 2007) using Lego figures. For the 2010 World Cup, they also have South Africa vs Mexico and Germany vs Australia and I’m sure they will be adding more as the matches continue.

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