Aug 13, 2009  •  In Geek, Music, Video Games

Video Game Quintet

I have studied the piano since 5 and the violin since 8. I guess the 20+ years counts as a different generation of musical study, because they certainly didn’t have geeky symphonies such as PLAY!, or talented, passionate, FUN choir teachers such as that of the famed PS22 back in my day.

Earlier today I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a string quintet from the Seattle’s Marrowstone in the City program. I love how they start with the classic Bach’s Double Violin Concerto and continue on a captivating arrangement that will have you laughing and reminiscing. You have to keep watching for the unexpected twists in the Halo, Tetris, and Pong sections, because they are truly legend…wait for it…dary!

Via Miss Cellania.

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One Response to “Video Game Quintet”

  1. Hubby says:

    the pong and tetris are my favourites

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