Oct 2, 2008  •  In Personal

Welcome Back, Mr. Houston

Last week I mentioned that the Knicks signed Allan Houston as a free agent. I’m excited as hell but a bit doubtful at the same time…how well will Houston fare against players 2/3 his age?

He still seems to be able to hit his jump shots, as evidenced by this video where he nails 10 consecutive 3-pointers:

Houston will undoubtedly suffer a bit under D’Antoni’s fast-paced style where being able to run and keep up is key, as he was never very fast on his feet. However, the legacy and experience he brings to the team can’t be denied.

Can’t wait for the Knicks opening game on 10/29! J and I haven’t been to a Knicks game together since we were just friends (6 years ago) – je suis vraiment très excitée!

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