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Win Free Domain Registrations from NameCheap

Are you a Twitter user? (Follow me here)

Do you like trivia?

If so, follow @NameCheap and you can win a free domain registration!

NameCheap, a web hosting and domain registration service, is holding a holiday Twitter Trivia Contest from December 1 – 25. Every hour, on the hour, they twit a holiday-themed trivia question and if you’re one of the first three to twit back with the correct answer, you win a free domain!

As Mashable notes, not only is this a fun way to utilize Twitter, it is also a “genius” marketing plan:

  1. It gets tons of people to follow NameCheap on Twitter 
  2. It will generate brand exposure as people answer questions with Tweets containing @namecheap 
  3. It will acquire customers, as you’ll need to sign up for a NameCheap account so you can sync your Twitter account and be credited for $9.69 (the price of registrations) each time you are one of the first three people to answer a question correctly.

Mashable estimates that the contest equates to about $17,000 in free domains…compare that to a half-page ad in Business Week, which runs four times that price.

Go follow @NameCheap now – you know I already have.

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