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The Aging Process of Asian Women

One of the biggest stereotypes about Asian women (aside from the notion that we are meek, timid creatures who are sexual slaves in the bedroom) is that we never seem to age, or age at a much slower rate than the rest of the population. And wouldn’t you know it — here is a funny cartoon to show just that:

(image source)

While I’m not so sure about other Asian women, I can attest that now, at the age of 30, I am starting to notice signs of aging. I am very lucky that I have not yet developed wrinkles; however, I am beginning to get plagued by dry patches of skin and age spots. My metabolism is nowhere near where it was when I was in my late teens and early twenties (and I thought I was FAT back then…what I wouldn’t give to have the body I had ten years ago!), I get tired much more easily, and the 30+ years of bad posture is catching up to me in the way of nightly backaches.

That being said, I must admit that I am often mistaken for being younger — people are always surprised when I tell them my actual age, and I guess I have my (Asian?) genes to thank for that, because God knows I’ve treated by body like crap.

I dug up this old photo from 2001 (friend’s face marked out in respect for her privacy):

It is undeniable that I look younger (and I can’t help noticing how much thinner I was back then…sigh), but I’m not sure that I look an entire decade younger than I do now.

What do you think? Do you agree with the stereotype that Asian women never seem to age (or at least until they hit menopause, as depicted in the cartoon above)?

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  1. wolfgang3424:

    I have lived in Asia for 15 years and my wife is Asian. I agree that Asian women take much better care to stay away from the sun. There is the Asian ledge however. Many women, where I live, look perpetually 20 years old until they hit the age of 40 then its like they age overnight. It is not necessarily wrinkles, but their face starts to loose it’s youthful appearance. They become very pallid. I work in biomechanics and kinesiolgy so I notice bodies more than faces. Asian womens bodies, at least in South East Asia, never have much muscle tone but after 40, even if they appear thin, they have no muscle whatsoever. If you were to squeeze many of their arms it would feel like you are squeezing a sponge until you touched their bone. I think this has a lot to do with diet and, as someone else mentioned, their overall unwillingness to exercise. I do think that Asians have good genes but I think that they usually catch up with their Caucasian counterparts in the second part of their lives.

  2. EastBayMan:

    I’ve been married to an Asian woman (but born in California) for 30 years now, and she rapidly began to show her age at menopause.
    We’re the same age and we met in our early 30’s, and married shortly after. Our wonderful Eurasian children are now grown up, out of college and out of the house.
    But when I met my wife, I felt that she was the most beautiful, most exotic woman I had ever met. And that’s an understatement. She was an absolute bombshell, an Asian siren, and insanely beautiful -and intelligent, and always fun to be with.
    At the time, I was a single, college educated bachelor living in San Francisco. And I drove a sports car and dated and loved women -many women, and could have even married into wealth. But back where I came from, back east, there’s a wise old saying: “Those who marry into wealth end up earning every goddamn penny of it.”
    Even in her mid-50s, my beautiful Asian wife was quite striking, and never ceased to get more than her share of looks when in public.
    But she finally entered menopause in her late 50s, and definitely shows it, as in your humorous cartoon. Although there’s no medical issues in her health (except for being 60), her body has filled out and her face is now old and puffy.
    But I still love her with all my heart, and we still never cease to have fun together, no matter what activity we’re doing. We’re like a close brother and sister in our relationship. And we are still passionate with other in the bedroom, we just do it less.
    So my advice to you guys: Don’t worry about it, and just follow your heart and get married. And don’t fall for the crude and stupid line: “Look at her mother, and then decide if you really want that later in life.”
    Hopefully, a man mellows out as he gets older, and true love, combined with a sense of humor, makes the physical appearance of a woman less and less important.

  3. David:

    I am white British and 53 years old, most of my colleagues are of a similar age. We work in peoples homes on a daily basis. Most customers are totally knocked sideways when they realise that I am 53, most guessing around 35 – 38, never more than 40. A Thai couple I know well asked me to travel with them to visit their families in Bangkok and Pattaya. The wife aged 30, introduced me to her younger sister aged 28. I honestly thought she was 14, 15. But the biggest shock was when I was introduced to her mum. Kah, (pronounced “Cair”), is 56, post menopause, 48kg, 150cm, has boobs and a bum, practices ballroom dancing, teaches classical Thai dancing and political science, avoids the sun like a vampire lol, but, BUT I thought my friends English had let her down. I honestly thought I was being introduced to another sister of about 25. Well that was a year ago, she has visited me and my family, I have visited Kah in Bangkok again. And things are looking very very rosy.

  4. Yes, great !!! i agree asian women want to stay young.

  5. lyn evans:

    Boy, talk about a typical insecure Asian women very coyly looking for affirmation of her attractiveness?

    ‘What do you think?….do you agree with the stereotype?…i’m not sure I look an entire decade older…DO I?’

    of course she’s gonna get lots of asiaphile men telling her exactly what she wants to here…but then, I suppose that’s why she and so many other Asian women start blogs like this in the first place…because they all want to meet non-Asian men. They pretend they are here for ‘discussion’ but they know full how to ensure the responses are generally in their favor. Like have you ever noticed how many Asian women out there have blogs talking about the supposedly rampant ‘yellow fever’? Meanwhile, 99% of these very same women are involved with…yup, you guessed it…NON-Asian men. But you gotta admit these women are very sly: talk about yellow fever and make everybody think it’s the men chasing the Asian women, and then no one will think to question HER, and HER motivations for being with a non-Asian man. As they say it takes two to tango. Are the guys really chasing them, or are the men simply taking the Asian women up on what they so freely offer to any and all NON-Asian males? I’d say that Asian women with white fever is far more rampant than non-Asian men with yellow fever. Some guys simply want a woman, and many guys know that if they are white, they will have to work MUCH less harder to get an Asian woman, versus a white woman.

    • Wow, I dunno about you, but most Asian women I know are happily married to, or in serious relationships with men of all races. I don’t talk about “yellow fever” on this blog, and if you click on over to my profile, you’ll see that I’m married to an Asian man. The way that you go off on this topic just makes it seem like you’re the one with an issue here, tbh. :-)

      As for your theory that I’m just seeking validation, I guess I am, to some extent. But aren’t all bloggers seeking some sort of validation? Why else would they post their thoughts for all the world to see?

      That being said, the intent of this post was certainly not to ask strangers to come comment on how young I look — that question at the end is purely rhetorical. And I have actually NOT gotten “lots of asiaphile men telling her exactly what she wants to here”…you can read through the comments on this post and see that most people comment on the comic (which is exactly what I wanted from this post in the first place!). But thanks for the comment. It’s always interesting to hear different thoughts on a topic.

      • misses wah:

        my Asian daughter and my Asian self had the biggest laugh over your photo which seems true with all of the Asians that we know :)

  6. thomas morris:

    my asianwife is still very good looking she is over 65 and people cant belive it think shes a lot younger

  7. um:

    First, I dont get this stereotype at all. I lived in Korea, I got use yo seeing asian faces, and I am married to an asian. I can easily and accurately guess how old asians are and am generally am right. The 30ish year old Korean women in my area LOOK their age. They certainly look no where near 20s. And Ive seen plenty of asian women look far older then their age, ma,y loook their age, and some younger then their age. And thats as equally true with non asian women.

    If I had to guess the age of the woman in the picture, Id say 32ish. She looks in her 30s, she has small eyes, a huge forehead, and does not look youthful at all. Only asianphile fetishist are going to validate this womans ego.

    • I’m guessing that “the woman” you’re referring to is me (the author of this post and owner of this blog)? I’m not sure which picture you used in order to try to guess my age, but thank you, because I’m 34. :-) I *think* the picture you used was my profile picture, and if that’s the case, I want to make it clear that I chose that photo as my main picture because it makes me look a bit older than I look in most other pictures. (And I want to be taken more professionally in meetups and events for my blog. *shrug*) If you want a more accurate representation of what I look like, there are some recent pictures of me in my latest post: http://www.geekinheels.com/2015/01/17/ive-been-a-bad-bad-blogger.html So feel free to judge away with those pics!

      (And honestly, considering the fact that I am 34 years old with 2 kids, I’m just happy if I don’t get called an ajumma. :-D )

      • jen:

        hahaha! I have the same impression of the aging process of Asian women!!! At 40, I definitely look older now than in my 20’s and 30’s but haven’t transformed into an ajumma yet. Is this our future??? I wish I needed glasses, I think big funky black frames are the best solution for old faces ;-)

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