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Dolls That Resemble Celebrities and Characters


South Korean artist Park Seoung repaints and stylizes dolls to resemble celebrities and pop culture icons. I was first introduced to his work by the kickass Michonne doll that’s been making its rounds through the interwebz, and I was delighted to click on over to his Flickr page and discover his other works.

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All the Dresses Worn by Every Best Actress Oscar Winner [On One Poster]


In light of this weekend’s 86th Academy Awards, I wanted to share with you this poster by Media Run. It’s not only fun to remember each dress and reminisce back to that person/show/year, it’s also interesting to see how women’s formal fashion has evolved over the years.

Which is your favorite? Mine hails from last year’s Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence’s white Christian Dior. Maneuverability be damned — it was a dress that epitomized classic couture gowns, and the girl rocked it. 
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Because Sharing is Caring [Memos from Nick Fury]


Last week, both kids received their flu vaccines…and they’ve been coughing since. Claire seems to be holding up pretty well, but Aerin’s dry cough turned into phlegm-y, hacking fits which progressed to a fever. And with her surgery date so close, the doctor advised us to keep an extra watch on her.
Like most kids, Aerin tends to get overly clingy when she’s not feeling well. So it’s no surprise that I got a little sick too…
I think it goes without saying that these past few days have not been fun. And while I have a ton of half-finished…

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Guess the Movie, Emoji Edition


Below are 50 movies depicted in emoji form. Can you guess them all?
(I will post the answers in the comments section. I’m not sure I should be proud of the fact that I got all of them without a problem…?)

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OMGz I Want This Book


As if being a huge fan of J.J. Abrams who also happens to be a book nerd is not reason enough…
A few months ago, geeks worldwide went into a guessing frenzy when Abrams’ production company tweeted the following:

The secret is finally out, because the mysterious trailer was for a book, which Abrams conceived and written by award-winning novelist Doug Dorst.
Simply titled S., the book is actually two books in one: the first, Ship of Theseus, written by fictional author V.M. Straka, and the second, the story that plays out between two strangers within the handwritten margin notes…