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They Will Not Take No for an Answer

Remember how earlier this year, we canceled cable in addition to our land line?
Since then, our cable company has been trying its darndest to win back our subscriptions.
When we first moved into our home, we had signed up for their Triple Play package, which included cable, internet, and phone for about $100/month for the first year.
After the first year was up, our bill went up to about $160/month, which we had continued to pay faithfully until we canceled cable and phone.
Now, we are paying about $50/month for just the high-speed internet.
The first few months after…

Aug 21, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment

Paper Dolls from Your Favorite Television Shows

Illustrator Kyle Hilton has been creating a new paper doll based on his favorite TV characters each week. Among the television shows are the likes of Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, and one of my all-time favs, Arrested Development!

Be sure to click on over to to see the paper dolls from his other favorite shows. I know that I’ll be checking often, as The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are in works!
Via Visual News.…

Three Links

My mother came over today so that I can get some rest (but we all know the real reason she comes over is to see her precious granddaughter), but instead of doing what I was supposed to do — take a nap to relieve my body of the insomnia it has been suffering — I ended up being on my feet the entire day cooking, cleaning, and taking a trip to the Korean grocery store.
The two hours between the time that my mother left and J arrived home from work was torture. Comang was being a brat and wouldn’t…

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My Favorite Week of the Summer

…is Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.
I don’t particularly like the ocean, nor am I a very good swimmer. In fact, I have a ridiculous fear of most fish (yes, even goldfish!).
But these majestic creatures have always fascinated me. I remember taking out tons of books on sharks from the library when I was a little kid and dreaming of becoming a marine biologist. (Too bad my ineptitude at science — as well as my fear of practically all other fish — stopped that dream short.) I have even made it a goal to go cage diving at least once…

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Anticipation & Expectations (Movie of the Year?)

I’ve been battling a slight cold the past couple of days. Like my sister said to me over an email, “Only YOU would get a cold in the middle of this heat wave.” 
Seeing as I’m still not feeling 100%, and that it is a Friday — in addition to being perhaps the hottest and most humid day of the year here in the northeast — let’s forgo the deep topics and stick to lighthearted subjects instead.
Like movies.
Last Sunday, my mother insisted on getting some time with Claire so J and I were able to catch the last…