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Friday Brain Dump (Basketball Edition)

1. Did you know that you can embed Tweets? Just mouseover the tweet I have embedded below. Notice that the tweet is “live,” meaning that all the links (such as the “Follow” button) clickable and functional. So they’re watching Knicks in Taipei but I can’t get the game.#iliveheredammit — Jerry Seinfeld (@JerrySeinfeld) February 16, 2012 […]

Feb 12, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment, Funny, Movies

Movie Poster Clichés

I do not pay too much attention to movie posters, so it comes as no surprise that I have never noticed these clichés before. I guess that the movie advertising business is similar to other design-related fields in that they know what works, and/or are fresh out of original ideas. Between the legs: Black and […]

Feb 6, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Books, Entertainment, Geek, Movies

Panem’s 13 Districts Visualized [More “Hunger Games” Pr0n]

A fanatical Hunger Games fan by the name of V. Arrow has thoughtfully and carefully put together a map of Panem’s 13 districts, taking into account all historical accounts from the books, and merging what has been revealed about each district with the typography and natural resources of North America. Click on over to aimmyarrowshigh’s LiveJournal, […]

Jan 29, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment

Can You Recognize Them All?

A good illustrator can capture the essence of a person or a character without having to make the illustration look exactly like the person it is based on. And this is precisely what Anna Rettberg has done in the following illustrated mashup of popular television characters from various shows. Check them out — isn’t it amazing how […]