Dec 9, 2011  •  In Entertainment, Personal, Relationships

The First Kiss

I always have a television show on queue to watch whenever I get some downtime and need to zone out, or when I am having trouble falling asleep. And these days, that show has been The Wonder Years. (image source) (Never watched The Wonder Years? Go do it now. It’s on Netflix streaming!) I have […]

Dec 3, 2011  •  In Cute, Entertainment, Funny, Movies, Web

The Circle of Life

Okay, fess up. Who hasn’t picked up a baby or a pet while singing “The Circle of Life”? (And I personally fell in love with Modern Family after watching Cameron do this with Lily on the pilot episode.) Via 9GAG.

Nov 27, 2011  •  In Entertainment, Funny, Movies

Keeping a Promise

I knew that the actor who plays Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead looked familiar — he was the artist who secretly loved Keira Knightly’s character in Love Actually! …And according to this humorous gem, he did keep his promise. And now that Christmas is drawing near, I need to watch Love Actually again. Via Picshag.