Mar 3, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment, Geek, Movies

Ingenius ‘Back to the Future’ Trilogy Posters

Three things I love about these posters: They can be displayed separately or together. Each one has as its background pivotal locations from each movie. The minimalistic yet still completely recognizable figures of Marty McFly at the bottom of each poster. These screen-printed posters were printed on a limited edition run of 420 (haha) and […]

Feb 29, 2012  •  In Entertainment, Personal

“Why do we continue to watch this?”

Being the parents of two young girls, J and I have very little time to watch TV. So when we do get the time to catch up on our favorite shows, it is not uncommon for one of us to ask the other, “Why do we continue to watch this show again?” Let me explain. […]

Feb 28, 2012  •  In Entertainment, Infographics, Movies

The “Memento” Timeline, Visualized

I was first introduced to the genius of writer and director Christopher Nolan through his 2000 film Memento. A man suffering from anterograde amnesia who must take Polaroids of everything just to get by. An unsolved murder. And two timelines, one playing chronologically while the other presents backwards, eventually meeting in the middle at the end of the […]