Jun 15, 2010  •  In Entertainment, Funny, Korean

Stephen Colbert vs Rain, Continued

Last night Stephen Colbert continued his rivalry with Korean pop star Rain in a segment called “Who’s Not Honoring Me Now?” Watch the hilarious clip below:

And for nostalgia’s sake, let’s recap Stephen’s feud with Rain…

Stephen loses Time’s 100 Most Influential People to Rain:

Rain shows up at the studio for an after hours dance-off with Stephen:

And last but certainly not the least, Stephen creates his own Korean R&B video, called “He’s Singing in Korean”:


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2 Responses to “Stephen Colbert vs Rain, Continued”

  1. Sherry says:

    Hahahaha. Thanks for posting! I adore Stephen but sadly have been too busy recently to follow every episode.

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    @Sherry — I actually thought of you while writing this post! I knew you’d like it! 🙂

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