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Have Mercy!

Since I had so much fun talking about a teenage crush yesterday, I thought I would start today on another one: Uncle Jesse from Full House.

Notice I said “Uncle Jesse,” not “John Stamos.” It’s because I have a habit of falling for characters as opposed to the actors who portray them. (Hence my tendency to fall for animated characters as well. Hello, Gambit from X-Men and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid!) And while I’m pretty sure that John Stamos is a typical celebrity, Uncle Jesse was a rebel with a heart of gold — a wild biker who gave up his bachelor life to help raise three little girls.

And who can forget Uncle Jesse serenading Becky on their wedding day?

I remember daydreaming about my own wedding as I watched this episode, imagining my future husband surprise-serenading me on my wedding day just as Uncle Jesse did for Becky. Obviously, that didn’t happen because J is about the most un-romantic guy I know. (It’s okay, because he has tons of chances to serenade me in the future. HINT, HINT.)

Why the sudden walk down Full House memory lane? Because I just learned that John Stamos will be joining Glee next season! He will be playing Emma’s new boyfriend which should create some interesting tension (and I’m crossing my fingers for a sing-off) between him and Mr. Schu.

Did anyone else love Full House as much as me? Anyone else have a crush on Uncle Jesse?

P.S. — Just how awesome was last night’s season finale of Glee? It was predictable (including the outcome of the regionals), but I still sat there with a goofy grin on my face the entire time, tearing up at all the appropriate moments.

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12 Responses to “Have Mercy!”

  1. AHH, NO WAY!! John Stamos on GLEE next season!? I die!

    Yes, totally had a crush on Uncle Jesse! I remember I recorded that music video he recorded, I think it was called "Forever" or something and watched it over and over…

  2. Ohhh you HAVE TO love Uncle Jesse. He and Becky were just the prettiest couple. I’m pretty sure John Stamos is a bit of a man-whore but Uncle Jesse, he’s the real thing 😉

    I totally loved Shawn from Boy Meets World. OHHH and Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. Yum. Of course that was high school… I totally thought Wesley Crusher on TNG was cute when I was in elementary school but as I grew up, I realized he was hella annoying.

  3. BB says:

    Yay! He should be great on Glee.

    I totally had a poster of "Uncle Jessie" and "Michelle" sitting on a motorcycle. I guess the Olsen twin was there to make it look less like a beefcakes-for-3rd-graders poster….

    And I thought "Forever" was the THE MOST ROMANTIC SONG EVER. I can’t believe my husband didn’t sing it at our wedding.

  4. LatteLove says:

    I was totally in love with Uncle Jesse as well, and cried even as a little girl when he and Rebecca got married!
    So excited that John Stamos will be joining Glee 🙂

  5. birdie says:

    i love watching glee. all the guest stars have been awesome so i’m sure john stamos will be great. i wasn’t crazy about him on full house. i thought he was kinda old..

  6. I never had a crush on Uncle Jesse, but I can admit that he was totally awesome! I so relate to crushing on characters vs actors. In high school I had a thing for Hawkeye from M*A*S*H (no, I’m NOT that old, it was in reruns!), but Alan Alda? Blech.

    Oh, and Prince Eric? Hello, Aladdin was WAY hotter! 😉

  7. Gabs says:

    I was in love with Uncle Jesse but my bigger crush was definitely Gambit in X-Men. I also had a major crush in George Clooney’s Dr. Ross in E.R. When he saves the boy from drowning all by himself… I LOVED HIM, big time.

  8. jenn says:

    this very episode was on this morning while i was having my morning cereal!! big crush on gambit for me as well.

  9. Jessica @ Acting Adult says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for him to join the cast! I still have a crush on him. We had to visit the restaurant in Walt Disney World where he proposed to Rebecca – the one with the aquarium on one wall. So neat!

  10. Courtney Floyd says:

    Loved Full House when I was kid <33333
    And uncle jesse was full of hottiness that I fell for every episode

    Unforunately I’ve never seen glee (which is ironic to my friends because I am one of the [good] singers amongst us) and I hear it’s all about singing and such. It makes me wish I had cable or something to watch it but I guess I’ll end up just buying season dvds *looks at collection of Criminal Minds, CSI, House and That 70’s show*

  11. Lacey says:

    Oh my gosh I have been saving this one to watch when I had a minute at work and I’m so glad I did! I had the BIGGEST crush on Uncle Jessie (I’m with you: not John Stamos– Uncle Jessie) back in the day, and this is bringing it all back.

  12. violarulz says:

    Harry Kim, from Voyager. He was so cute, he played the clarinet and had a 6-pack. Major nerd hottie points.

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