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Top 10 Signs You (And Your Friends) Are Addicted to Candy Crush


Candy pieces dance around in front of your eyes as you drift off to sleep every night.
You know which levels are the hard ones because of the sheer amount of people complaining about them (30, 35, 65. 97, and 98).
That damn. Last. JELLY.
You know which of your friends are slackers at work, and/or have too much free time on their hands, by their response times to your life requests and episode unlock requests.
Thinking about chocolate bars makes you clench your fists in anger and frustration.
You regularly scroll forward to see who’s ahead of you. You…

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NFL Quarterbacks on Facebook: Super Bowl XLVII Edition


You guys, the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl. My team was crowned the 2012-2013 NFL Champions. This may not seem like much to most people, but it’s a BIG FREAKING DEAL to someone whose two favorite teams (the Knicks and the Ravens) have yielded countless disappointments and heartaches for more than a decade.
So when the game clock ran down to zero with Baltimore still up by 3…
I cried. Seriously, I had tears in my eyes as I saw the purple and gold confetti rain down on the Ravens and watched them accept the Lombardi Trophy.
(In my…

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Wednesday Rewind: The 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication

Once in a while, when I get bored, I like to look through the archives of this blog and reflect upon (and laugh at!) all the things I have shared with the web over the years.
Because, heck, after 1,801 posts, even I don’t remember everything.
There’s also the braggart in me who likes to shout, “Hey! I once wrote this years ago! You should go check it out because I think it’s awesome!”
(Or the part of me that likes to roll her eyes and exclaim, “Well, if you had read my blog you would know I had written…

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What Are the Chances?!?!!!

Yesterday was a cool yet pleasant day. With temperatures in the low 50s and the sun shining overhead, I decided to take Aerin for a walk despite my lingering cold. (Claire was with her grandparents.)
We walked the 22 blocks to my favorite children’s park and I sat Aerin down on a swing. She hadn’t been there since the temperatures took a dip, so she was obviously over the moon with glee.
As I continued to push my giddy daughter on the swing, I noticed another mom with her baby…
Now, other moms will attest to the fact that making…