Jun 18, 2014  •  In Facebook, Funny, Geek, Video Games

Honest Video Game Box Art

Honest Video Game Box Art is a Facebook page that edits video game covers to more accurately depict its gameplay, and/or what it does to the people playing it. As you can imagine, it hosts some pretty funny revisions.  😆  Here are some of my favorites — the Contra cover has to be my favorite!

Jun 13, 2014  •  In Art/Design, Cute, Entertainment, Funny, Movies, Web

Grumpy Cat Meets Disney

Digital artist Eric Proctor imagines how the internet’s crabbiest cat would fit into the world of Disney. All the illustrations in the series are delightfully amusing, and a few are laugh-out-loud funny.  😆  Be sure to check out the titles for each piece as well for a nice diversion this dreary Friday the thirteenth! “Part of Your No” “Some […]

Dec 2, 2013  •  In Art/Design, Funny, Geek, Web

Browser Girls

The comic is pretty funny by itself, but the comments on it are hilariously accurate too! Here’s my favorite: IE10 is like the friend that said he would show up to the party early and bring tons of booze that everyone can have, but shows up 3 hours late with a 40 of king kobra […]