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Guest Post: Geeky Etsy Finds

I like to compare Etsy to New York’s Century 21: much loved by many, but too overwhelming for myself. As such, I was delighted when Jen offered to do a guest post on geeky Etsy finds, as this is a topic that I would never be able to tackle by myself. Enjoy!

Hi guys, it’s Jen from A Tale of 2 Monkeys. I am excited to contribute to Geek in Heels while Jenny is off enjoying motherhood.
I have been digging around etsy for some great finds for geeks of all shapes and sizes. I had a lot of fun, and…

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Lego Mega Man

Graphic artist Raphael Phillips has combined the beloved Mega Man with my favorite childhood toy: Lego. The imagining of these two fantastically geeky worlds can be seen over at The 8-bit Cubist, where Phillips not only depicts the original Mega Man particularly well (and instantly recognizable), Mega Man’s various powers are also beautifully rendered.
I would definitely be tempted to pick up the set if it were to exist in real life. What about you?



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Asian Emoticon Stamp

J likes to tease me and call me a “twinkie” (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) because I’m not too familiar with the Asian culture. Sure, I like to pretend — and write about it on this blog — but the truth of the matter is that I routinely research and triple-check my facts before writing anything Asian/Korean-related on here.
One of the many trends I still have trouble deciphering are Asian emoticons. After a bit of head-scratching, I was able to figure out simple ones like ^_^ (happy face) and ^_~ (wink), but more often than not…

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Social Media Monopoly

Love this! I would buy it if it were ever to be released as an actual board game, but like the Social Network map, it will probably get outdated very quickly.
My only gripe: does anyone use Photobucket anymore? I would think that Picasa Web would be a better choice…
The Board:

Mashable Cards:

Technorati Cards:

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