Feb 9, 2011  •  In Personal, Toys

Monopoly Live: A (Evil) Reboot of the Classic Game

Coming this fall, Hasbro will release a new version of America’s favorite boardgame. An electronic version. Complete with its own all-seeing evil tower (hark the Sauron references!). According to the NYTimes, the tower uses infrared light to surveil the entire board. It calculates rent, whose turn it is and where your piece is on the […]

Feb 5, 2011  •  In Geek, Photography, Star Wars, Toys

Mesmerizing Star Wars Toy Photography

Oh my gawd. No words can describe how this Star Wars geek (and lover of toys) feels while looking through these photos by photographer extraordinaire Avanaut. Go check out his Flickr page to see more…and don’t miss out on his Indiana Jones set! Via Bit Rebels.

Sep 22, 2010  •  In Geek, Toys

Lego Mega Man

Graphic artist Raphael Phillips has combined the beloved Mega Man with my favorite childhood toy: Lego. The imagining of these two fantastically geeky worlds can be seen over at The 8-bit Cubist, where Phillips not only depicts the original Mega Man particularly well (and instantly recognizable), Mega Man’s various powers are also beautifully rendered. I would […]