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Calvin Grown Up

This made me tear up…

I unfortunately do not have any toys I can pass down to my children. I always preferred books over toys and never developed an attachment to any particular item.

There are, however, many many many books that I’d love to read to my children in hopes that they will love and appreciate them as I did.

Do you have any toys, books, or heirlooms you plan on passing down to your children?

Image via haha.nu.

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2 Responses to “Calvin Grown Up”

  1. Moll says:

    I have a stash of childhood toys and books in my parents’ basement that they keep trying to get rid of, but I want to save them for when I have kids. I was an avid reader as a kid, and I look forward to sharing that passion and those favorite books with our hypothetical kids someday.

  2. Amy S says:

    I still have my childhood copies of Goodnight, Moon and The Giving Tree. I loved those books as a kid and can’t wait to introduce them to my kids one day!

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