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Starting to Get Excited for Our Girl!

So I’ve had an entire night to sleep on it.

And after thinking about it some more, talking to my mother and some girlfriends about it…

…I’m starting to get excited!

I think one of the reasons I was so shocked at the news is because I had a gut feeling from the beginning of the pregnancy that it was a boy. I was drawn to boy stuff, and really pictured myself raising a firstborn son. (So much for mother’s intuition!)

Now that I’ve accepted the fact that we’re having a girl, I’m starting to think of all the benefits of having a daughter and it’s pretty exhilarating.

  1. I will always be the dominant female figure in her life.
    They say that when your son gets married, you lose a son forever; when a daughter gets married, she’ll still be your daughter. This idea may be outdated and debatable, but I do like to believe that a mother-daughter relationship is one to be cherished and treasured because there is none like it.
  2. There are so many more cute items for baby girls than boys.
    I was never one for playing dress-up or playing with dolls, so I have never dreamed of having a daughter whom I can dress in cute clothes and buy adorable toys for her to play with. However, you can’t deny that there are so many more sweet items to be bought for girls than for boys. Like this Ladybug Crib Bedding Set. I am so putting this on our registry.
  3. Girls are more likely to help out as they get older.
    Some may say this is sexist, but I have found it to be true from watching my friends’ families. And who says she can only help out with cooking and cleaning? My sister and I have helped our father with numerous home improvement projects (including installing a 50-gallon water heater), machine/car repair, and construction work.
  4. She can still love sports.
    J and I had planned on getting numerous baby sports apparel (NY Knicks, Baltimore Ravens, and JHU Lacrosse) for the baby long before we knew the gender…and we haven’t changed our plans. In fact, now that we know the gender and therefore have a name, I will be ordering this Knicks Personalized Hooded Towel in the near future:

    We will immerse her in our favorite sports from a young age, and hope that she will participate in many team sports as she grows up.

  5. Men who have older sisters tend to treat women with more respect and courtesy.
    Again, this can be debatable and there are exceptions to every rule. But I have found from observing my guy friends over the years that those with older sisters treat women better. And I sincerely hope that our daughter will be a great older sister and a role model to a younger brother in the future.

Even my MIL chimed in with a benefit of having daughters: “Look at J and his younger brother! They never listened to me when they were young, and they still don’t listen. Girls are easier to raise!”

What say you, readers? Can you think of any additional advantages of having a girl?

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11 Responses to “Starting to Get Excited for Our Girl!”

  1. kalen says:

    I’ve heard (repeatedly) that boys are much harder when they’re younger in the sense that their energy/running around can be really tiring. Also, having a girl means repopulating the planet. It takes women to populate the planet, and without us, the cycle would end 🙂 She’s gonna be a powerful little booger!

    Oh and we thought our baby was a boy too – so much so that I said the ultrasound was "useless". So on the ultrasound, she flashed herself over and over (and over and over) again to make sure I knew she was a little lady & should feel guilty about calling her a guy 😉

  2. Donna says:

    So, I was the opposite of you – I totally thought that I was having a girl and wanted her to be sporty! So, I was stocking up on sports stuff, too…

    I will say this – you don’t have to worry about the circumsion and whether or not you get it or not. You also don’t have to worry about stuff like the foreskin being pulled back or growing. Nor do you have to worry about constantly wiping poops from around your son’s balls (sorry for all the graphic examples)

    AND my son is hyper hyper hyper!! And when he’s around other little boys, I swear, he gets even more HYPER and has to run around like a mad man. But hwen he’s around little girls, he doesn’t mind doing stuff like sitting down and reading a book or coloring.

  3. Anon NYC Girl says:

    >> And I sincerely hope that our daughter will be a great older sister and a role model to a younger brother in the future.

    Why? Is it so wrong to have one or more girls?

  4. Anon NYC Girl says:

    I am sorry if my above comment sounded rude. I just wanted to say that your little girl will e a great older sister and a role model to a younger brother or sister

  5. Geek in Heels says:

    @Anon — No, I’m from a family of two girls and I don’t see anything "missing" from our family. That sentence is in reference to the fact that J and I want to keep trying until we have at least one of each sex (although we might draw the line at 4). I would’ve said, "And I sincerely hope that our son will be a great older brother and a role model to a younger sister in the future" if we were having a boy.

  6. Anon NYC Girl says:

    Sorry to have burst off that way then! Just that I am from a family of 2 girls too and Asian. So after hearing a lot of snide remarks over the years, I guess I just start getting defensive. My apologies.

  7. Moll says:

    If you talked to my mom, she would agree with most of your points. My brothers live right down the road from her while I live across the country. Who does she talk to more? Who helps her move? Who helps with holidays? Yep, me.

    And for your final item: I’ve always preferred dating guys who had sisters – I definitely think it can give them a better perspective on dating.

    Congrats on your baby girl! I’m glad you were able to get excited about her.

  8. Rachel says:

    Im pregnant with a boy, due in June. I want a girl (next) because of the adult relationship between a mother and daughter. My mom is seriously mybest friend, and I want that! you will love having a sweet little girl! Congratulations!

  9. Becs says:

    Holy hell. How adorable is that bedding??? I’m not even pregnant yet but I am going to bookmark that page. I think it is really natural to have a preference for one sex over the other and get a little disappointed. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Give yourself some time to let everything sink in.

    And no matter what happens, when you hold that little baby in your arms for the first time, you will not care whether it’s a boy or girl. You will be so in love that everything else will melt away.

    Ok, I need to get pregnant. Now, where is that husband of mine… 🙂

  10. I would want a girl, too! I have a younger sister, and I, of course, am female, so I wouldn’t know how to handle a little boy! They seem more difficult to raise, like your MIL said!

  11. Logan says:

    NAME HER LOGAN!! (I got very excited when i saw that photo of the Knicks towel with my name on it. Logan is the very best name for a girl.)

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