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Video Game Character Butchering Charts

Today, I am the featured blogger over at the BlogAds Blog! I have never been interviewed for anything like this before so I’m pretty excited. Click on over to read the interview — including the one thing my readers do not know about me — and a discount code for 50% off my regular ad rates!

Artist Jude Buffum created these humorous butchering charts for some well-known video game characters. Although the thought of a Yoshi Tongue Stew makes me a bit queasy, you can’t help but wonder what the various meats would take like!

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The Konami Code Meets “The Last Supper”

I don’t think that I will ever forget the Konami Code.  Do you remember it?

(As a Christian, I don’t find this spoof offensive at all. Da Vinci might, but me, no. I’m pretty certain that God has a good sense of humor, and that Jesus himself would have enjoyed video games if they were around during His time. :-))
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The Four Types of Mario Party Participants

In our pre-baby days, J and I used to host epic Mario Party game nights. Seeing this sure brings back some great memories… (And I think that the same comic can be applied to Mario Kart as well, no?)

J and I also used to party until 6am like we were eternal college students. But at least with Mario Party, we can look forward to the experience with our kids as they get older.
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