Dec 19, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment, Geek, Video Games

Arrested Development NES Games

72pins is a place where “the past and present collide into 8-bit awesomeness.” Using classic NES cartridges as a canvas, various artists contribute to transform today’s popular video games, movies, television, and other pop culture references into 8-bit, NES-style art. Skyrim? Absolutely. Angry Birds? You betcha. Game of Thrones? They’ve got two! And, just recently, they’ve […]

Sep 12, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Geek, Toys, Video Games

Geektastic Hungry Hungry Hippos Mod

I am majorly crushing on this Koopa-themed Hungry Hungry Hippos game, lovingly modified by Donald (alias Kodykoala), a 30-year-old electrical engineer from El Paso. Having taken about 50 hours to complete, with each Koopa kid requiring about 10 hours, the game will make its debut public appearance at the El Paso Comic Con — where […]

Sep 1, 2012  •  In Entertainment, Geek, Video Games, Wishlist

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Set [I Want!]

Can you believe the Final Fantasy franchise is now 25 years old?!? In celebration of this iconic anniversary, Square Enix will be releasing the “Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box,” which includes all 13 of the core Final Fantasy games in one marvelous collection. Here’s the full list of games (notice that Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy […]