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Video Game Character Butchering Charts

Today, I am the featured blogger over at the BlogAds Blog! I have never been interviewed for anything like this before so I’m pretty excited. Click on over to read the interview — including the one thing my readers do not know about me — and a discount code for 50% off my regular ad rates!

Artist Jude Buffum created these humorous butchering charts for some well-known video game characters. Although the thought of a Yoshi Tongue Stew makes me a bit queasy, you can’t help but wonder what the various meats would take like!

Via Geek Tyrant.

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One Response to “Video Game Character Butchering Charts”

  1. greenellephant says:

    I will be needing to print these out and make posters! It’s culinarilicious <3<3<3

    Congrats on your interview!! Very very awesome and exciting! 😀

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