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36 Weeks

There is now officially less than a month remaining until my due date.


I also had a minor freakout last night, when I discovered that Bee, whose due date is a few days after mine, went into labor and had her daughter early in the morning. As happy as I am for her and her family that both mom and the baby are doing well, I couldn’t help but FREAK OUT over the announcement, knowing that my own BebeDeux can come at any moment.

I barely slept last night. And BebeDeux didn’t help either — she was kicking up a storm, as if to tell me, “Mommy I want to come out NOW!”

(On a related note, my mother had the chance to feel my stomach when BebeDeux was in one of her tumbling-like-a-maniac modes. “How do you sleep at night?” she asked me. I replied, “I don’t!”)

The good news is that BebeDeux continues to remain healthy in there. My OB appointments are now once a week, and the doctor informs me that even if I go into labor this second, there is very little chance of complications and that the baby is simply thriving. “Just keep doing what you’re doing,” she added. “You’re in the home stretch!”

I also asked the doc yesterday if second-time moms tend to deliver before their due dates. “Not necessarily,” she said. “From my experience, there’s still a good chance that you might go over your due date. However, I can tell you that if you have delivered vaginally before, your labor will probably be much easier than the first time!”

This has been confirmed by my neighbor and my cousin, both of whom have recently had their second children, and both of whom delivered their second babies in literally three pushes.

“Don’t worry about the delivery at all,” my neighbor told me. “Your body just remembers. I pushed for almost three hours with my first — I couldn’t believe how easy it was with the second!”

My labor with Claire was freakishly easy: she was out in just 12 pushes, or 5 minutes. Now I’m wondering if delivering BebeDeux will be tremendously difficult, to “compensate” for my easy first, or if BebeDeux will come zipping out of my hoo-ha as if on a water slide.

But then again, labor & delivery is not the part that worries me. It’s what will come afterwards that has me losing sleep at night.

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14 Responses to “36 Weeks”

  1. Autumn says:

    I literally laughed out loud when I read “hoo-ha”. I sure hope mine will be that easy. I’m almost 23 weeks now 🙂

  2. Di says:

    I love how Comang managed to be in the pic.

  3. Mandy says:

    Haha I hope it’s as easy as a waterslide!! Good to know that everything is looking healthy. I just can’t wait to meet babygirl!

  4. Sarah says:

    HAHA I love your second line there. Looking beautiful! Hope baby girl gives you a few more weeks! : )

  5. Angela says:

    I had a pretty quick, easy delivery with my first baby too… a 9 1/2 hour labor with only a few quick pushes. I did get a 2nd degree tear though probably cuz I was pushing so hard and determined to get her out after enduring a natural birth. Hoping the 2nd one (god-willing) will come out even faster!

    I can’t believe you’re already 36 weeks… it went by so fast!! Can’t wait to “meet” BebeDeux!

    • I had a 2nd degree tear too, probably because she came out so fast! Now I’m wondering if I should purposely not push as hard to avoid any further tearing…

      • Angela says:

        that’s what i’m thinking too… but in the moment, i don’t know if i’ll be able to concentrate on not pushing so hard. i was so scared to pee and poo after that labor. i could feel my doctor stitching me up… shiver. to this day i have not looked down there… you? haha

  6. kelsey says:

    I hope this one is easy for you too! And, I can’t speak from experience, but my sister had an easy first delivery and her 2nd and 3rd were also very easy, so hopefully that helps to know that it does happen.

  7. Megan says:

    I always forget that due dates are not a guaranteed time and babies can come early! One of my best friends had her baby at 29 weeks which of course absolutely no one was prepared for. Fingers crossed your second delivery goes even faster/easier, but that BebeDeux hangs out in there for another few weeks!

  8. Hoping for an easy delivery for you!! You look so cute. All belly.

  9. tubecozy says:

    Hope the 2nd time around is just as easy, if not easier, than the first.

    I pushed for 2hr 45min with the first. For my 2nd, I pushed twice. I dozed off for an hour after the epidural kicked in. When the OB came to check me she was able to see the top of the baby’s head already.

  10. Rachael says:

    My first labor was 12 hours, pushed for almost 2 with an epidural. My 2nd was only 3 hours, and my son ended up being born at home. I didn’t even consciously push, my body did all the work for me, and that baby decided when to come all on his own. It ended up being a great experience. I hope your 2nd goes wonderfully!

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