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Glitches and Hiccups


I will be moving to a new web host this weekend. I’m hoping that the transfer will be smooth, but I know that this can’t be guaranteed. This blog may suffer some glitches an hiccups as a result, and I apologize in advance for that.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!…

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Popular Websites as Classic Boardgames


Brought to you by Hasbro Game Night, these mashups are nothing short of uproariously accurate! My favorite is Reddit as Hungry Hungry Hippos — as soon as I read it, I didn’t even need to look at the picture because I was already thinking, “Yep, exactly!”
Facebook as Operation:…

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Wednesday Rewind: The 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication

Once in a while, when I get bored, I like to look through the archives of this blog and reflect upon (and laugh at!) all the things I have shared with the web over the years.
Because, heck, after 1,801 posts, even I don’t remember everything.
There’s also the braggart in me who likes to shout, “Hey! I once wrote this years ago! You should go check it out because I think it’s awesome!”
(Or the part of me that likes to roll her eyes and exclaim, “Well, if you had read my blog you would know I had written…

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Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine!

You guys, I discovered the best thing today…
A Calvin and Hobbes search engine!!!

Calvin and Hobbes remains my favorite comic strip despite the fact that it is no longer published. And as I have written in the past, one of my all-time favorite gifts from J is the Calvin and Hobbes Boxed Set. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy this mischievous duo! (But let’s just hope they don’t learn any bad things from it! )
The only thing I didn’t like about Calvin and Hobbes was that there are literally thousands of strips out…

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Feedly: A Better RSS Reader

A couple of months ago, my friend Tara blogged about Feedly, an alternative to Google Reader.
My knee-jerk reaction upon reading the title of the post was, “Why would anyone use anything besides Google Reader?”
But as my eyes scanned down the body of the post, the more I wanted to give Feedly a try. I mean, look how pretty it is!

In this fast-paced, highly visual world, Feedly allows its users to browse their RSS feeds in an aesthetically-pleasing and easy way. How does it work? By linking to your existing Google Reader account, which also means that there…