Jun 30, 2013  •  In Blogging, Personal, Reviews, Web

My Pick for a Google Reader Replacement: AOL Reader

Before I begin, I should add a disclaimer that my husband works for AOL. More specifically, he works for a new R&D department at AOL that creates new apps which may be used internally or externally by the former-ISP-giant-turned-internet-publisher. (Many people don’t realize that AOL owns some of the most popular blogs out there, like […]

May 31, 2013  •  In Science, Web

The Most Mesmerizing GIF You’ll See All Weekend

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a human body in horizontal slices. My — and thousands of others’ — initial reaction to this animated GIF is to think/comment about the apparent presence of male genitalia. Also, do the buttocks remind anyone else of a delicious rump of ham? This just goes to show that the internet […]