Jul 13, 2013  •  In Blogging, Geek, Personal, Web

Weekend Poll

According to Google Analytics, about 1/3 of the visitors to this site are on a mobile phone, while around 10% of my total traffic stem from tablets. And I imagine that these numbers will continue to get higher with the advancement of technology, decrease in prices, and wider adaptation of mobile devices. When I first set […]

Jul 9, 2013  •  In Funny, Geek, Web

Vogue UK Easter Egg

Step 1:  Go to Vogue UK. Step 2:  Enter the Konami code. (up up, down down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter) Step 3:  Watch the awesomeness unfold! I’m pretty sure that the higher-ups at Vogue had no idea such an easter egg existed, considering the silly geekiness of the surprise.  Which of these fabulous […]

Jun 30, 2013  •  In Blogging, Personal, Reviews, Web

My Pick for a Google Reader Replacement: AOL Reader

Before I begin, I should add a disclaimer that my husband works for AOL. More specifically, he works for a new R&D department at AOL that creates new apps which may be used internally or externally by the former-ISP-giant-turned-internet-publisher. (Many people don’t realize that AOL owns some of the most popular blogs out there, like […]