Dec 29, 2006  •  In Colors, Geek, Personal

I Have Super Mutant Powers

…or so I think. I had written before that I have a gift of seeing color. I always saw colors others couldn’t…but I just brushed it off as one of those weird, quirky things about me. Now I’ve discovered that there may be a scientific explanation: I may be a tetrachromat. A what-a-mat? A genetic mutation that allows some […]

Dec 20, 2006  •  In Funny, Personal

Jenny vs. Destiny

Is this a deep, thought-provoking, “where is my life going” entry? No. Destiny is a person’s name. Keep reading – it gets interesting. Ever since I switched my cell phone number two months ago, I’ve been receiving numerous calls for someone named Destiny. I had just figured that my new number must be a recycled […]

Dec 17, 2006  •  In Art/Design, Music

Music as Visual Art

Are you a musician? Do you play a musical instrument? Do you know how to read music? If any of these questions pertains to you, you might be interested in a composer named George Crumb. Crumb is famous for distorting his scores in shapes indicative of the mood he’s trying to set. Case in point, the spiral-shaped […]

Dec 11, 2006  •  In Art/Design, Marketing/Advertising

Olympic Mascots

Here are the mascots of the 2008 Olympics, which is being held in Beijing: The “Five Friendlies” represent the largest number of mascots since the practice began in 1972. You can find out more about them at The website includes a history of the Olympic mascot(s), and immediately my eyes were drawn to Hodori, the mascot […]

Dec 5, 2006  •  In Career, Personal

Corporate Slavedom

Yesterday I read an article which was linked on Slashdot. It caught my attention because I’m still in the process of paving a career path. In the midst of researching and reading up on the myriad of options that are available for recent grads who are still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their […]