May 31, 2007  •  In Art/Design, Beauty, Photography

The Anatomy of a Photogenic Face

I admit that I’m very un-photogenic. Even my own mother tells me so. “Why do you look so bad in pictures? Practice how to pose in front of the mirror!” Perhaps it’s my natural awkwardness and/or low self-esteem manifesting itself on film. Or maybe I just don’t have the face for it. Being an artiste, […]

May 22, 2007  •  In Food, Korean, NYC, Reviews

Pho32 & Shabu

Last Friday a friend and I had planned to have lunch at BonChon Chicken. However, upon arrival, we were disappointed to see that they weren’t yet open for the day. Walking around K-Town for an alternate restaurant, I noticed Pho32 & Shabu: It’s a tiny place on 32nd St, and we wondered why we hadn’t noticed it before (did […]

May 18, 2007  •  In Finance, Personal, Relationships

Kept Women

This month’s Elle magazine has an interesting article titled “The Smart Girl’s Taboo: Wanting to be a Kept Woman.” In it, the writer contemplates the success of the E! television show The Girls Next Door and even spends some time with Hef’s three main ladies. She then asks why so many women are attracted to the show – can […]