Aug 31, 2007  •  In Beauty, Personal, Reviews

Favorite Beauty Products

I’m pretty cheap when it comes to most items but the three things I splurge on are gadgets, handbags, and anything that goes on my face…aka beauty products. And as a natural researcher by heart (and trade), I research and test items from all three categories to death before making any purchases, especially if a lot of money is […]

Aug 27, 2007  •  In Beauty, Personal, Reviews

Eyelash Extensions

Are you one of those lucky people who are blessed with long, lush eyelashes that never need mascara or even curling? Well, I hate you. I have very short and very sparse lashes that are practically non-existent. I still remember a couple of years ago when my mother first read about trichotillomania (the disorder where you pull your own […]

Aug 12, 2007  •  In Education, Geek, Personal

Science Labs

I’ll be the first to admit that I was never good at math and science. I never possessed the analytical, logical mind to excel in the subject; I much rather preferred social and language studies. I’m one of the few Asians I know who actually did better in the verbal portion of the SAT’s. Not […]