Jan 30, 2010  •  In Personal, Pregnancy

Comparing Children

Dear Baby, I always swore that I would never compare my children, but I already catch myself comparing this pregnancy to my last. I can’t help it — I’m so scared! I’m majorly concerned that I have had practically no symptoms. My breasts aren’t sore, my nausea is minimal, and I’m not even peeing that […]

Jan 29, 2010  •  In Baby, Books, Funny, Pregnancy

Where Babies Come From (NSFW)

I recently came across photographs of a German book called Where Babies Come From. I can’t tell if it’s meant to be a children’s book or not…because the illustrations are enough to make even adults blush! I only wish I knew German so I could understand what the book says. Would you show your kids […]

Jan 29, 2010  •  In Geek, Wishlist

A Circular, Digital Monpoly

Parker Brothers will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Monopoly with the release of a special edition: Monopoly Revolution! Not only is the new board circular, the currency is digitized — way to teach kids about credit cards! Gone are the days of hiding colorful Monopoly money under your butt to hide your true wealth […]

Jan 29, 2010  •  In Personal, Science

T-Minus 12% Eggs

Did anyone else see this earlier this week? Women Lose 90 Per Cent of ‘Eggs’ by 30 I know that plenty of women have healthy babies in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. However, I can’t help but notice that within my social circle, the rate of conception and trouble-free pregnancies are highest among the […]

Jan 29, 2010  •  In Comang, Personal

Mommy, Will You Carry Me Home?

A cold front has hit NY. This morning saw our first snow of the new year. The sky filled with fat, fluffy snowflakes that reminded me of the quote “Snowmen fall from heaven…unassembled.” As with most dog owners, I usually do not like walking Comang in bad weather. Even snow leaves his fur wet and […]

Jan 28, 2010  •  In Personal, Star Wars

Star Wars X Adidas Originals 2010 Yoda Sneakers

I had previously written about the Star Wars X Adidas Originals 2010 line, and had expressed my desire to get the Yoda sneakers. J too, loved these shoes (I love being married to a fellow Star Wars fan) and we joked about getting matching his and hers pairs. Unfortunately, these limited edition shoes were available […]

Jan 28, 2010  •  In Pregnancy

Top 3 Home Pregnancy Test Tips

I have been learning so much on my TTC (trying to conceive) journey that I have an undeniable urge to share this information with my readers. Please feel free to pass along the info to friends, or save it for future reference.   Tip #1: You Can Save Money by Buying in Bulk If you […]

Jan 28, 2010  •  In Personal, Pregnancy

My Minor Freak-Out Over Pregnancy Tests

As stated numerous times in my main blog, our first 2 months of TTC (trying to conceive) after my miscarriage were unsuccessful. It was only by using online resources such as Fertility Friend and the wonderful community at BabyCenter that I was able to become more in-tune with my body and become informed on practically […]

Jan 28, 2010  •  In Pregnancy

Week 4

Dear Baby, Yesterday, when I entered my estimated due date (according to Fertility Friend, it is October 7) into BabyCenter, you were 3 weeks old. So boy was I surprised to log in this morning to see that you are now at 4 weeks! So far you have been good to me. Aside from some […]

Jan 27, 2010  •  In Apple, Funny, Gadgets, Geek, Marketing/Advertising

The iPad

Today, Apple announced its highly-anticipated tablet device. My first thought: are there any women on Apple’s marketing/branding team? It was worth taking 5 minutes out of my busy day to put this together: In all seriousness now… will you be buying an iPad? I personally think it’s superfluous; I am perfectly happy with my laptop […]