Jan 30, 2010  •  In Personal, Pregnancy

Comparing Children

Dear Baby,

I always swore that I would never compare my children, but I already catch myself comparing this pregnancy to my last. I can’t help it — I’m so scared!

I’m majorly concerned that I have had practically no symptoms. My breasts aren’t sore, my nausea is minimal, and I’m not even peeing that much. All of these symptoms were rampant just 3 weeks into my last pregnancy, so I can’t help be paranoid that my baby must not be progressing well.

Please continue growing and be well, baby. I love you too much already.


Your Concerned Mother

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One Response to “Comparing Children”

  1. Every pregnancy is different – just like every child. Maybe you have a kind, considerate, mellow baby who thinks of your needs too! 😉 Some women also don’t feel pregnant until later in their first trimester, and then have the joy of being sick through their second one too!

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