Aug 31, 2012  •  In Geek, Infographics, Information

Which Birth Dates Are Most Common?

Yesterday, I went to go visit a good friend who had just given birth to an adorable baby girl. As I held the newborn in my arms and chatted away with the proud (but tired) mom and dad, I couldn’t help but think about all the other women in my life who had given birth, […]

Aug 30, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Logos/Branding, Movies, Photography

Fashion on the Big Screen: Guess the Films!

Would you be able to recognize famous movies just based on clothes and accessories? French magazine Sport & Style has put this to the test with an editorial spread titled La Mode en Grand Écran, or Fashion on the Big Screen. Each photograph, taken by Candice Milon, features neatly laid out ensembles from some of the world’s most […]

Aug 29, 2012  •  In Personal, Relationships

Friends in Memories

What was the strangest way you’ve met a friend? For me, it was during the spring semester of my freshmen year in college. I was at a shuttle stop, patiently waiting for the bus to appear, when a strange boy approached me. “Excuse me, are you Jenny?” “Umm…yes…?” “Is your AIM screenname B________?” “Yes…how do […]

Aug 28, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Marketing/Advertising, Photography

Swarovski’s Zodiac Goddesses

I’m not one for zodiacs, but I couldn’t resist sharing these exquisite photos from a German issue of Vogue. What an alluring way to promote your brand! Aquarius: You may also like: Disney Princesses Meet Haute Couture IKEA Kitchenware Transformed into Art [Photography] Secret Invasion Ads, Remixed “Photoshop” in the 1930s

Aug 27, 2012  •  In Beauty, Shopping, Web

The Modern Wardrobes of Disney Princesses

What would our favorite Disney princesses be donning if they lived in our modern world? Sydney Emerson of Polyvore ponders this question in this collection of style collages. What do you think? I especially love Snow White and Ariel’s! You may also like: My Top 7 Foundations Sephora Spring Sale 2023 Makeup Recommendations Simple Skincare Routine, […]

Aug 27, 2012  •  In Aerin, Claire, Motherhood, Parenting, Personal

Kicked in the Chest

Yesterday, I experienced one of the deepest disappointments in my experience of motherhood thus far. Yesterday, Claire got physically violent toward her younger sister. Aerin was trying to climb onto Claire’s chair — the seat she practically considers to be her throne — and Claire expectedly became upset. She then proceeded to KICK Aerin. It wasn’t […]

Aug 26, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Baby, Funny

The Hispter Alphabet

Illustrator Emma Cook has designed a set of alphabet flash cards for the next generation of hipsters. I personally would have used NPR for the letter N, but I’m loving every other example. 🙂 Can you think of better alternatives for any of the letters? You may also like: How Archer is Just Like Futurama […]

Aug 25, 2012  •  In Books, Funny, Geek

How Lord Voldemort Got His Name

So. Many. Dildos.   Via I Waste So Much Time. P.S. — Is anyone else as excited as me for J.K. Rowling’s first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy? I’ve already pre-ordered my copy! You may also like: Imaginary Book Covers for Harry Potter’s Middle-Aged Life 3 Flowcharts [Sleep, GoT, and World Cup Edition] Once Upon […]

Aug 24, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Colors, Geek, Personal

Shades of Change

Long time readers are well aware that I have a thing for colors; it should then be obvious why I’m loving this installation by New Orleans artist Marin Dearie. Titled Shades of Change, each set depicts the changes in nature and pop culture through a series of color charts. I’m especially diggin “Lil’ Kim’s Hair” and “Egg to […]