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Fashion on the Big Screen: Guess the Films!

Would you be able to recognize famous movies just based on clothes and accessories? French magazine Sport & Style has put this to the test with an editorial spread titled La Mode en Grand Écran, or Fashion on the Big Screen. Each photograph, taken by Candice Milon, features neatly laid out ensembles from some of the world’s most beloved cult films.

Can you guess them all? (I had some trouble with the older films!)

Back to the Future

A Clockwork Orange


Forrest Gump

The Wild One

Rebel Without a Cause

Wall Street

Blues Brothers

Via My Modern Met.

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One Response to “Fashion on the Big Screen: Guess the Films!”

  1. I’m ashamed to admit… I only got the first one right. ^__^;
    That being said… I LOVE BACK TO THE FUTURE!

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