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Wordless Wednesday Post

Not really. Wanted to pop in to say that Aerin and I must have caught something at the ENT specialist’s office (there were a lot of sniffly kids in the waiting room). We’re starting to feel better now, but BOY am I looking forward to having a healthy family again! The picture above was taken […]

Aug 26, 2013  •  In Aerin, Motherhood, Personal

Two Counts of Medical Drama, Act Two

I brought Aerin to see an ENT specialist on Friday morning, just before I headed over to my parents’. And what the doctor found wasn’t too pretty. First, he found some obstruction (a combination of dead skin cells and earwax) deep inside her ear canal. He was able to remove it with a special instrument, […]

Aug 24, 2013  •  In Personal

Two Counts of Medical Drama, Act One

On Thursday afternoon, I saw that I had two missed calls: one from my mother, and one from my father. Both within a few minutes of each other. I had a feeling of foreboding, and my suspicions were confirmed when my father told me that my mother was in the hospital. She had been diagnosed […]

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Three More Amazing Beauty Products

I envy women who can look “dewy” and “refreshed” during the hot, humid days of summer. Not only does my combination skin kick up its sebum production into overdrive, I tend to sweat…a lot. (Attractive, I know.) So while my normal routine may work just fine during other seasons, I have needed a tad bit […]

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An Update on Aerin

Yesterday, we had our final meeting with the Early Intervention (EI) evaluation and placement team. They recommended that Aerin meet with a developmental interventionist twice a week, and a speech therapist twice a month. I became rather upset after this meeting. Not because they were saying Aerin is delayed and needs therapy (I have accepted […]

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Famous Shoes

“Famous Shoes” is a collection that depicts the iconic footwear of celebrities and well-known fictional characters. I have cropped 10 of my favorites below — can you guess which shoe belongs to which person/character? (Click on the shoe to see the full version, and the answer.) You may also like: Global Luxury Shoe Designers Reimagine […]

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How I Fixed My Netflix Streaming Problems Using OpenDNS

Starting a couple of weeks ago, I began to run into Netflix streaming issues. Movies would take forever to load, and when they finally did, they would start lagging after just a few minutes. I then realized that this only happened between the hours of 9pm-11pm. I knew that there weren’t any programs or processes […]

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An Unfortunate Series of Events [Hawk Host Review]

ETA, March 2015:I am now hosting this site with Squidix, and have been very happy with their service. You can read a full review here. Short version: my site was down for 45 hours this weekend due to Hawk Host’s abysmal support. Because I was well within their “30-day money back guarantee” period, I have […]

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When Bloggers Can’t Win

A recent commenter asked me, “If you are so confident in what you have written, why are you responding to each critical comment?” The post in question was a controversial one with numerous commenters up in arms about what I had chosen to share. I considered my options. If I respond, people like her would […]