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Disney Princesses as Capcom Fighters

I’m kind of in love with this set of restylized Disney princesses by MikeVDesign. I would love to play as Ariel to see if her trident is as intimidating as it looks, but I also want to stay true to my teenage years and play as Cinderella for her Chun-Li-esque hyakuretsukyaku.








Who would you choose?

Via Nerd Approved.

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5 Responses to “Disney Princesses as Capcom Fighters”

  1. Ken says:

    Jasmine. I don’t know what special moves she has or which Capcom fighting game character she resembles. (I haven’t played any Capcom fighters in ages.) But she would certainly be the first I would try to play with.

  2. Ariel looks like she can kick butt with that trident. I totally imagine a water swirl move. Or a Thor like trident-thunder move.
    I also like Repunzel. The sheer fact that even the Capcon version of her uses a frying pan amuses me greatly. 😀

  3. Swiftrunner says:

    I was going to leave some comment about Nala and my enjoyment of anthropomorphic feline characters but then I realized that, apparently, a comment isn’t actually one of the required fields to leave a comment.

    Seriously, what?

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