Oct 21, 2008  •  In Art/Design, Logos/Branding, Web

Top 10 Design Blogs

(Posting will be light this week as I’m very busy at work and I’m feeling under the weather. There’s something nasty going around…please stay safe and healthy!) My design aesthetics change from time to time, but generally I tend to stick to functional and minimalistic designs. It is for this reason that I do not […]

Apr 5, 2008  •  In Art/Design, Fonts, Geek, Logos/Branding

The Power of a Typeface

This week’s NYTimes had an interesting OpEd titled To the Letter Born, discussing the impact that branding, especially the typeface Gotham, may have on Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency. For this piece, Stephen Heller interviews a branding expert named Brian Collins who explains: …there’s an oxymoronic quality to Gotham, which is why I think it’s […]