Oct 24, 2010  •  In Art/Design, Logos/Branding, Web

Unevolved Brands

Unevolved Brands is a Tumblr blog featuring popular logos that are simplified to circles. It just goes to show that the strongest, most memorable brands can be easily recognized even through basic shapes. However, I was disappointed in myself to realize that I was only able to identify 2/3 of the brands below. How many […]

Sep 1, 2010  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment, Geek, Logos/Branding

“Day Jobs” [Fictional Business Cards]

Designer Fernando Reza has created a limited edition print called “Day Jobs” which features 3.5″x2″ business cards for 21 fictional (and geeky) companies. It’s printed on cardstock, so you can choose to cut out each business card to fill your (fictional) rolodex. I especially love the designs for the Dharma Initiative, Umbrella Corporation, Wayne Enterprises, […]

Aug 26, 2010  •  In Logos/Branding, Marketing/Advertising, Personal

Brand Associations [Unbranding]

Last night I read about a new marketing trend called “unbranding,” where luxury houses allegedly send out their competitor’s products to keep their own brands from being associated with celebrities who don’t match their brands’ carefully-crafted images. Unsurprisingly, they used Jersey Shore‘s Snooki as an example; Snooki was originally known to have carried around a […]

Aug 5, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Logos/Branding

2016 Olympics Candidate Logos

Two months from now the International Olympic Committee will announce the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The four finalists – Chicago, Madrid, Rio, and Tokyo – have submitted their logo designs as visual representations of their candidacies. If you were to choose the host city solely based on its logo design, who would […]

Jul 25, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Logos/Branding, Web

30 Best Google Logos

Re-reading my post about SDCC ’09, I couldn’t help but marvel at the Google logo celebrating the famed event. I have always had a fascination with Google specialty logos – you can’t help but admit that some of them are outright clever. From a designer’s perspective, Dennis Hwang has to have one of the most […]

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Bee Arr Bee…

First, a sprained wrist (it hurt to type) and now a bad cold (I think). I will be back when I’m feeling better. For now, I leave you with this right-up-my-alley article from the NYTimes: Super Bowl Logos Reflect N.F.L.’s Growth and Design Trends Tomorrow night I will be rooting for the Cardinals. Not only […]

Dec 14, 2008  •  In Art/Design, Logos/Branding, Marketing/Advertising

The Other Obama Logos

Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was one of the most prolific and viral in American history. And never before had a logo been so prominently and massively been used in a presidental election. Designed by Sender LLC in Chicago, the logo consists of an O with the center suggesting a sun rising over fields in […]

Oct 28, 2008  •  In Art/Design, Logos/Branding, Marketing/Advertising

The New Faces of Pepsi and Best Buy

Two of the most recognizable logos in N. America have announced drastic facelifts. First up is Pepsi. The new Pepsi logo will be skewed in order to resemble a smile: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi Max will have different variations of the smile. According to AdAge, “a ‘smile’ will characterise brand Pepsi, while a ‘grin’ […]