The Importance of a Persistent Brand

You gotta feel bad for Pepsi. Their re-branding campaign, which – at $1.2 billion – is probably one of the most expensive in American history, has been met with unenthusiastic reviews and perplexed consumers.

If you remember, this blogger has disapproved of it as well.

I was forced to revisit my thoughts on the Pepsi vs Coke debate – at least from a branding perspective – when Designer Daily posted this handy, says-it-all chart:

Is it not surprising that Coca-Cola holds a more persistent and stable image in Americans’ minds?

It is too bad, because I really do prefer the taste of Pepsi over Coke.

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2 Responses to “The Importance of a Persistent Brand”

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh, I am SO a Coke girl. In Atlanta, everything is Coke – then you have to specify what kind of soft drink you actually want. 🙂

    You’re right, though – the diagram says it all.

  2. Jenna says:

    They must be resisting the throwback because they don’t want to look like they are copying Coke? But it’s just getting worse. Throwback is the way to go Pepsi!

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