Jul 27, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Wishlist

Snap Frames

Oh Polaroid, why did you have to discontinue your iconic instant film? You have left us consumers to hoard leftover supplies, and forced us to purchase overpriced film from eBay sellers who are taking advantage of the economics of supply and demand.

(And no, the PoGo is not a sufficient substitute.)

However, there are alternatives to our favorite pastime film format. There are the numerous Photoshop actions/filters available out there on the web (here is one), and now, there are photo frames to emulate Polaroids as well!

Snap Frames, constructed of molded white plastic with a dry erase surface, can hold any photo or image for your viewing pleasure. And at $22.50 for a pack of 9, they won’t break the bank either!

Thus concludes my product of the day post.

Via Better Living Through Design.

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