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Penguin Paperback Style Covers for Video Games

Are you a gamer who also cares about home decor, i.e., beautiful book spines on your shelves such as the Penguin Classics collection? If so, Etsy seller James Bit has the product for you: video game covers à la old Penguin paperback books! 

These custom covers, costing $6 for 3, is a surefire way to class up your video game collection. The seller goes on to note:

When ordering, please include your game titles and let us know which console they are for. . . .Your new covers will be sent via email as a high quality PDF. Just print them and slip them into your game case. No shipping costs to you and the file is yours forever in case something happens.

Via Laughing Squid

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One Response to “Penguin Paperback Style Covers for Video Games”

  1. Mrs. Landrum says:

    Okay, now this is a seriously great idea and would totally dress up our DVD/game bookcases! Thank you for sharing!

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