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OMGz I Want This Book

As if being a huge fan of J.J. Abrams who also happens to be a book nerd is not reason enough…

A few months ago, geeks worldwide went into a guessing frenzy when Abrams’ production company tweeted the following:

The secret is finally out, because the mysterious trailer was for a book, which Abrams conceived and written by award-winning novelist Doug Dorst.

Simply titled S., the book is actually two books in one: the first, Ship of Theseus, written by fictional author V.M. Straka, and the second, the story that plays out between two strangers within the handwritten margin notes and the documents placed between the book’s pages (letters, cards, notes, and such).










S. is obviously is not available in e-book format, and I love it even more for this reason. Not counting the plot(s), the book reminds me of a cross between House of Leaves and Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Letters. Both of which hold prominent places in my heart and on my bookshelf. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Go grab a copy for yourself! 

Via BuzzFeed.

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4 Responses to “OMGz I Want This Book”

  1. Kathy says:

    I love that I found your blog…and I am excited about this book. I Googled it…which, by the way…Google has the cutest Halloween logo game thingy on their main search page today….I found that you can in fact get this book from iBooks, and read it on your ipad or what ever. It actually sounds cool in this format….they suggest viewing on the iPad because it is an “interactive book” which does add to the geekness angle here. I will not make this choice because like you, I love the whole Real Book, hands on concept of it…just though I would let you know.

    Blog on.

  2. Triplet Daddy says:

    Thanks for sharing. I just ordered it.

  3. Lisa Mezik says:

    Looks similar to the Nick Bantock books (Griffin and Sabine series)!

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